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56825 ED TEN FAST PASS Running status

Departure12:50 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Oct 2018 2:15
1Erode Jn12:50Right TimeYet to start
2Pasur13:1413:15Right Time19 km
3Unjalur13:2413:25Right Time32 km
4Kodumudi13:3413:35Right Time38 km
5Pugalur13:4413:45Right Time50 km
6Karur14:1514:20Right Time65 km
7Velliyanai14:2914:30Right Time81 km
8Palaiyam I14:4914:50Right Time95 km
9Eriodu15:2415:25Right Time119 km
10Dindigul Jn16:1516:20Right Time139 km
11Ambaturai16:2516:30Right Time150 km
12Kodaikkanal Road16:4116:42Right Time165 km
13Vadippatti16:5416:55Right Time176 km
14Sholavandan17:0317:04Right Time184 km
15Madurai Jn17:4517:50Right Time205 km
16Tiruparankundram18:0418:05Right Time212 km
17Tirumangalam18:1418:15Right Time223 km
18Kalligudi18:2918:30Right Time237 km
19Virudunagar Jn18:4518:50Right Time248 km
20Tulukapati19:0119:02Right Time264 km
21Satur19:1419:15Right Time275 km
22Kovilpatti19:4419:45Right Time297 km
23Kadambur20:2920:30Right Time319 km
24Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn20:5921:00Right Time333 km
25Naraikkinar21:0921:10Right Time340 km
26Gangaikondan21:1921:20Right Time347 km
27Talaiyuthu21:2921:30Right Time355 km
28Tirunelveli22:40Right Time362 km