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56910 SBC FAST PSGN Running status

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Hosapete Jn-HPT
EExpected14:00 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Hosapete Jn14:00Right TimeYet to start
2Gadiganuru14:2914:30Right Time25 km
3Toranagallu Jn14:4414:45Right Time32 km
4Daroji14:5414:55Right Time38 km
5Kudatini15:0415:05Right Time45 km
6Bellary Jn15:5916:00Right Time65 km
7Obalapuram16:2916:30Right Time80 km
8Somalapuram17:0917:10Right Time96 km
9Rayadurg18:3018:35Right Time118 km
10Molakalmuru18:5418:55Right Time133 km
11Bommagundanakere19:1319:14Right Time150 km
12Talaku19:3119:32Right Time166 km
13Challakere19:4919:50Right Time181 km
14Balenahalli20:0420:05Right Time195 km
15Chitradurg20:2820:30Right Time216 km
16Amritapura20:5921:00Right Time237 km
17Chikjajur Jn22:4522:50Right Time248 km
18Holalkere23:0223:03Right Time258 km
19Ramagiri23:1523:16Right Time268 km
20Hosadurga Road23:2823:29Right Time278 km
21Shivani23:4123:42Right Time288 km
22Ajjampur23:5423:55Right Time299 km
23Birur Jn00:1300:15Right Time317 km
24Kadur00:2300:25Right Time323 km
25Arsikere Jn01:1501:20Right Time362 km
26Tiptur01:4301:45Right Time388 km
27Ammasandra02:1402:15Right Time414 km
28Gubbi02:4402:45Right Time440 km
29Tumkur03:0803:10Right Time458 km
30Kyatsandra03:1703:18Right Time464 km
31Dodbele03:4303:45Right Time491 km
32Chikbanavar04:0904:10Right Time514 km
33Yasvantpur Jn04:2904:30Right Time522 km
34Malleswaram04:3904:40Right Time525 km
35Ksr Bengaluru05:15Right Time527 km