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56913 SBC UBL PASS Running status

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Ksr Bengaluru-SBC
EExpected06:30 28 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update26 May 2018 2:18
Yet to start
1Ksr Bengaluru06:30Right TimeYet to start
2Malleswaram06:3506:36Right Time2 km
3Yasvantpur Jn06:4106:42Right Time5 km
4Chikbanavar06:5106:52Right Time13 km
5Dodbele07:1307:14Right Time36 km
6Nidvanda07:2207:23Right Time46 km
7Kyatsandra07:3907:40Right Time63 km
8Tumkur07:4907:50Right Time69 km
9Gubbi08:0908:10Right Time86 km
10Ammasandra08:3708:38Right Time113 km
11Banasandra08:4408:45Right Time118 km
12Aralaguppe H08:4908:50Right Time124 km
13Tiptur09:2309:25Right Time139 km
14Honnavalli Road09:3909:40Right Time151 km
15Arsikere Jn10:0010:05Right Time165 km
16Banavar10:1910:20Right Time181 km
17Devanur10:2910:30Right Time188 km
18Kadur10:4310:45Right Time204 km
19Birur Jn11:3511:40Right Time210 km
20Ajjampur11:5711:58Right Time228 km
21Shivani12:0912:10Right Time239 km
22Hosadurga Road12:2112:22Right Time249 km
23Ramagiri12:3312:34Right Time259 km
24Holalkere12:4512:46Right Time269 km
25Chikjajur Jn12:5813:00Right Time279 km
26Sasalu13:0913:10Right Time288 km
27Mayakonda13:1913:20Right Time296 km
28Kodaganur13:2913:30Right Time305 km
29Davangere13:5313:55Right Time325 km
30Harihar14:2014:25Right Time338 km
31Chalgeri14:3614:37Right Time356 km
32Ranibennur14:5014:52Right Time370 km
33Devargudda15:0115:02Right Time378 km
34Byadgi15:1415:15Right Time388 km
35Haveri15:3315:35Right Time402 km
36Karajgi15:4915:50Right Time410 km
37Kalsur H15:5916:00Right Time414 km
38Savanur16:0716:08Right Time422 km
39Yalvigi16:1916:20Right Time431 km
40Kalasa H16:2416:25Right Time437 km
41Gudgeri16:3416:35Right Time442 km
42Saunshi16:4916:50Right Time453 km
43Kundgol16:5917:00Right Time462 km
44Hubballi Jn18:45Right Time477 km