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56964 VSG QLM PASS Running status

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Vasco Da Gama-VSG
EExpected13:10 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update24 Apr 2018 8:38
Yet to start
1Vasco Da Gama13:10Right TimeYet to start
2Dabolim H13:1313:15Right Time5 km
3Sankaval13:1913:20Right Time8 km
4Cansaulim13:2413:25Right Time12 km
5Majorda13:3213:33Right Time17 km
6Suravali H13:3713:38Right Time21 km
7Madgaon13:4613:47Right Time27 km
8Sanjuja Da Areyal H13:5113:52Right Time33 km
9Chandar Goa13:5914:00Right Time36 km
10Sanvordem Chuch14:1314:15Right Time43 km
11Kalem14:2814:31Right Time53 km
12Kulem15:00Right Time61 km