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57124 BPQ BDCR PASS Running status

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EExpected11:00 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Balharshah11:00Right TimeYet to start
2Manikgarh Jn11:0911:10Right Time9 km
3Wihirgaon11:1911:20Right Time18 km
4Wirur11:2811:29Right Time27 km
5Makudi11:3911:40Right Time40 km
6Sirpur Town11:4911:50Right Time51 km
7Sirpur Kaghaznagar12:0512:07Right Time69 km
8Asifabad Road12:1912:20Right Time83 km
9Rechni Road12:3912:40Right Time97 km
10Belampalli12:5913:00Right Time108 km
11Mandamari13:0913:10Right Time117 km
12Ravindrakhani13:1413:15Right Time121 km
13Manchiryal13:1913:20Right Time127 km
14Peddampet13:2713:28Right Time136 km
15Ramagundam13:3413:35Right Time141 km
16Raghavapuram13:4413:45Right Time151 km
17Peddapalli13:5413:55Right Time159 km
18Kottapalli H13:5914:00Right Time167 km
19Kolnur14:0414:05Right Time172 km
20Odela14:0914:10Right Time178 km
21Potkapalli14:1714:18Right Time181 km
22Bisugirsharif14:2514:26Right Time191 km
23Jamikunta14:3914:40Right Time198 km
24Uppal14:4914:50Right Time210 km
25Hasanparti Road15:0915:10Right Time222 km
26Kazipet F Cabin16:0016:05Right Time233 km
27Warangal16:2316:25Right Time242 km
28Chintapalli16:3816:39Right Time254 km
29Yelgur16:4616:47Right Time262 km
30Nekonda16:5816:59Right Time272 km
31Intekanne17:0917:10Right Time281 km
32Kesamudram17:1917:20Right Time287 km
33Tadala Pusapalli17:3017:31Right Time296 km
34Mahbubabad17:4217:43Right Time302 km
35Gundratimadugu17:5817:59Right Time313 km
36Garla18:0918:10Right Time322 km
37Dornakal Jn19:0019:10Right Time326 km
38Pocharam19:1919:20Right Time333 km
39Karepalli Jn19:2919:30Right Time342 km
40Gandhipuram Halt19:3919:40Right Time347 km
41Chimalpahad19:4919:50Right Time355 km
42Tadakalpudi20:0120:02Right Time364 km
43Bethampudi20:1420:15Right Time371 km
44Bhadrachalam Road21:15Right Time381 km