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57129 BOLARUM PASSR Running status

Departure18:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated24 Sep 2018 2:15
1Vijayapura18:30Right TimeYet to start
2Minchnal18:4718:48Right Time18 km
3Kyatanakeri Road H18:5418:55Right Time28 km
4Nimbal19:0419:05Right Time37 km
5Chorgi H19:1419:15Right Time43 km
6Indi Road19:2419:25Right Time50 km
7Lachyan19:3419:35Right Time61 km
8Padnur H19:4419:45Right Time66 km
9Tadwal19:5419:55Right Time74 km
10Sulerjavalge19:5920:00Right Time81 km
11Aherwadi H20:1220:13Right Time87 km
12Hotgi20:2320:25Right Time94 km
13Solapur Jn21:0021:15Right Time109 km
14Tikekarwadi21:2421:26Right Time116 km
15Tilati21:4721:48Right Time133 km
16Akalkot Road22:0422:05Right Time144 km
17Nagansur22:1422:15Right Time150 km
18Boroti22:2522:26Right Time158 km
19Dudhani22:3922:40Right Time172 km
20Kulali22:5422:55Right Time182 km
21Gaudgaon23:0323:05Right Time189 km
22Ganagapur Road23:1423:15Right Time195 km
23Hunsihadgil23:2423:25Right Time202 km
24Sawalgi23:3223:33Right Time209 km
25Bablad23:3923:40Right Time217 km
26KLBG23:5023:55Right Time222 km
27Hirenanduru00:0900:10Right Time231 km
28Martur00:1600:17Right Time237 km
29Shahabad00:2900:30Right Time247 km
30Wadi02:1502:20Right Time257 km
31Sulehalli02:4002:41Right Time267 km
32Chittapur02:4802:49Right Time273 km
33Malkhaid Road02:5903:00Right Time282 km
34Seram03:1003:11Right Time295 km
35Kurgunta03:2003:21Right Time303 km
36Nawandgi03:3003:31Right Time310 km
37Mantatti03:3903:40Right Time319 km
38Tandur03:5403:55Right Time328 km
39Rukmapur04:1104:12Right Time339 km
40Dharur04:2304:24Right Time349 km
41Mailaram04:3104:32Right Time354 km
42Godamgura04:4004:41Right Time361 km
43Vikarabad Jn05:1505:20Right Time369 km
44Chitgidda05:3405:35Right Time379 km
45Gullaguda05:5906:00Right Time386 km
46Ravalpalli Kalan06:0906:10Right Time392 km
47Shankarpalli06:2906:30Right Time398 km
48Nagalapalle06:3906:40Right Time409 km
49Lingampalli06:4906:50Right Time419 km
50Hafizpeta06:5706:58Right Time424 km
51Sanat Nagar07:0707:08Right Time433 km
52Begampet07:1407:15Right Time437 km
53Secunderabad Jn08:0008:05Right Time443 km
54Lalaguda Gate08:1008:11Right Time448 km
55Malkajgiri08:1308:14Right Time449 km
56Dayanand Nagar08:1608:17Right Time450 km
57Safilguda08:1808:19Right Time451 km
58Rmkrshnaprm Gte08:2208:23Right Time452 km
59Ammuguda08:2508:26Right Time453 km
60Cavalry Barrcks08:2708:28Right Time455 km
61Alwal Halt08:3108:32Right Time456 km
62Bolarum Bazar08:3308:34Right Time457 km
63Bolarum08:45Right Time459 km