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57130 HYB BJP PSGR Running status

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Hyderabad Decan-HYB
EExpected19:45 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Hyderabad Decan19:45Right TimeYet to start
2Khairatabad19:5019:51Right Time2 km
3Begampet19:5920:00Right Time5 km
4Sanat Nagar20:0720:08Right Time9 km
5Hafizpeta20:1720:18Right Time18 km
6Lingampalli20:2920:30Right Time23 km
7Nagalapalle20:4920:50Right Time33 km
8Shankarpalli20:5921:00Right Time44 km
9Ravalpalli Kalan21:0421:05Right Time49 km
10Gullaguda21:1121:12Right Time55 km
11Chitgidda21:1921:20Right Time62 km
12Vikarabad Jn21:3521:40Right Time72 km
13Godamgura21:5421:55Right Time81 km
14Mailaram22:0222:03Right Time87 km
15Dharur22:3922:40Right Time93 km
16Rukmapur22:5422:55Right Time103 km
17Tandur23:0923:10Right Time114 km
18Mantatti23:1923:20Right Time122 km
19Nawandgi23:2923:30Right Time131 km
20Kurgunta23:4923:50Right Time139 km
21Seram00:0400:05Right Time147 km
22Malkhaid Road00:1400:15Right Time159 km
23Chittapur00:4400:45Right Time169 km
24Wadi02:0502:10Right Time184 km
25Shahabad02:2302:25Right Time194 km
26Martur02:3602:38Right Time205 km
27Hirenanduru02:4602:48Right Time211 km
28Gulbarga03:0003:05Right Time221 km
29Bablad03:1103:13Right Time226 km
30Sawalgi03:1903:21Right Time234 km
31Hunsihadgil03:2803:30Right Time241 km
32Ganagapur Road03:5303:55Right Time247 km
33Gaudgaon04:0304:05Right Time254 km
34Kulali04:1304:15Right Time261 km
35Dudhani04:3304:35Right Time271 km
36Boroti04:5004:52Right Time284 km
37Nagansur05:0105:03Right Time293 km
38Akalkot Road05:1005:12Right Time298 km
39Tilati05:2905:31Right Time309 km
40Solapur Jn08:0008:20Right Time334 km
41Tikekarwadi08:3308:35Right Time341 km
42Hotgi08:4808:50Right Time349 km
43Aherwadi H08:5909:00Right Time356 km
44Sulerjavalge09:0409:05Right Time361 km
45Tadwal09:0909:10Right Time369 km
46Padnur H09:1909:20Right Time377 km
47Lachyan09:2909:30Right Time382 km
48Indi Road09:4909:50Right Time392 km
49Chorgi H09:5910:00Right Time399 km
50Nimbal10:1410:15Right Time406 km
51Kyatanakeri Road H10:2410:25Right Time415 km
52Minchnal10:3410:35Right Time424 km
53Vijayapura11:10Right Time443 km