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57135 AJNI KZJ PASS Running status

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EExpected21:20 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Ajni21:20Right TimeYet to start
2Khapri21:3021:31Right Time9 km
3Gumgaon21:3821:39Right Time15 km
4Buti Bori21:4821:49Right Time24 km
5Borkhedi21:5721:58Right Time32 km
6Sindi22:0922:10Right Time43 km
7Tuljapur22:1922:20Right Time51 km
8Seloo Road22:2922:30Right Time61 km
9Sevagram22:5122:52Right Time73 km
10Bhugaon23:0923:10Right Time86 km
11Sonegaon23:1923:20Right Time93 km
12Wagholi23:3923:40Right Time101 km
13Hinganghat23:5323:54Right Time110 km
14Nagri00:2000:21Right Time125 km
15Chikni Road00:3000:31Right Time137 km
16Warora00:4400:45Right Time148 km
17Majri Jn01:0401:05Right Time160 km
18Bhandak01:1401:15Right Time170 km
19Tadali01:2901:30Right Time179 km
20Chandrapur Maharashtra01:5902:00Right Time194 km
21Babupeth02:0902:10Right Time199 km
22Balharshah03:1003:20Right Time208 km
23Manikgarh Jn03:2903:30Right Time217 km
24Wihirgaon03:3703:38Right Time226 km
25Wirur03:4703:48Right Time235 km
26Makudi03:5703:58Right Time248 km
27Sirpur Town04:1404:15Right Time260 km
28Sirpur Kaghaznagar04:5005:00Right Time277 km
29Asifabad Road05:1405:15Right Time292 km
30Rechni Road05:2905:30Right Time306 km
31Belampalli05:5405:55Right Time316 km
32Mandamari06:0406:05Right Time325 km
33Ravindrakhani06:0906:10Right Time329 km
34Manchiryal06:2906:30Right Time336 km
35Peddampet06:5907:00Right Time345 km
36Ramagundam07:1507:20Right Time349 km
37Raghavapuram07:2907:30Right Time359 km
38Peddapalli07:3907:40Right Time367 km
39Kottapalli H07:4407:45Right Time375 km
40Kolnur07:4907:50Right Time380 km
41Odela07:5407:55Right Time386 km
42Potkapalli07:5908:00Right Time389 km
43Bisugirsharif08:0908:10Right Time400 km
44Jamikunta08:1908:20Right Time406 km
45Uppal08:2908:30Right Time418 km
46Hasanparti Road08:5308:54Right Time430 km
47Kazipet Jn09:50Right Time452 km