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57225 BZA VSKP PASS Running status

Departure08:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated24 Sep 2018 2:15
1Vijayawada Jn08:25Right TimeYet to start
2Mustabada08:4608:47Right Time13 km
3Gannavaram08:5408:55Right Time20 km
4Pedda Avutapale09:0209:03Right Time25 km
5Telaprolu09:1009:11Right Time31 km
6Viravalli H09:1709:18Right Time34 km
7Nuzvid09:2409:25Right Time41 km
8Vatlur09:3409:36Right Time51 km
9Powerpet09:4309:45Right Time58 km
10Eluru09:4909:50Right Time59 km
11Denduluru10:0010:01Right Time69 km
12Bhimadolu10:1210:13Right Time78 km
13Pulla10:2110:22Right Time85 km
14Chebrol10:3210:33Right Time93 km
15Unguturu10:3810:39Right Time96 km
16Badampudi10:4410:45Right Time101 km
17Tadepalligudem10:5310:54Right Time107 km
18Navabpalem11:0411:05Right Time116 km
19Marampalli11:1511:16Right Time120 km
20Nidadavolu Jn11:2311:24Right Time127 km
21Brahmanagudem H11:3111:32Right Time131 km
22Chagallu11:3811:39Right Time136 km
23Pasivedala11:4311:45Right Time139 km
24Kovvur11:5011:51Right Time142 km
25Godavari11:5812:00Right Time146 km
26Rajamundry12:3512:40Right Time149 km
27Kadiyam12:5112:52Right Time159 km
28Kesavaram H12:5712:58Right Time165 km
29Dwarapudi13:0313:04Right Time169 km
30Anaparti13:0913:10Right Time173 km
31Baiabhadrapuram H13:1513:16Right Time179 km
32Bikkavolu13:2113:22Right Time182 km
33Pedda Brahmadevam H13:2813:29Right Time188 km
34Medapadu13:3413:35Right Time191 km
35Gudaparti13:3913:40Right Time195 km
36Samalkot Jn13:4513:46Right Time200 km
37Pithapuram13:5914:00Right Time212 km
38Gollaprolu14:0614:07Right Time217 km
39Durgada Gate H14:1214:13Right Time227 km
40Ravikampadu14:1914:20Right Time229 km
41Annavaram14:2914:30Right Time236 km
42Timmapuram H14:3614:37Right Time242 km
43Hamsavaram14:4214:43Right Time246 km
44Tuni14:4414:45Right Time253 km
45Gullipadu15:0515:06Right Time264 km
46Narsipatnam Road15:3915:40Right Time275 km
47Regupalem15:4915:50Right Time285 km
48Ellamanchiii16:5917:00Right Time293 km
49Narasingapalli17:0717:08Right Time300 km
50Bayyavaram17:1617:18Right Time308 km
51Kasimkota17:2517:27Right Time312 km
52Anakapalle17:3417:35Right Time317 km
53Thadi17:4417:45Right Time323 km
54Duvvada18:1818:20Right Time333 km
55Marripalem Ph18:3718:38Right Time346 km
56Visakhapatnam19:00Right Time350 km