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57257 KAKINADA PSGR Running status

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EExpected01:05 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Tirupati01:05Right TimeYet to start
2Renigunta Jn01:2001:22Right Time9 km
3Yerpedu01:3401:35Right Time19 km
4Sri Kalahasti01:4701:48Right Time32 km
5Yellakaru02:0102:02Right Time45 km
6Venkatagiri02:1402:15Right Time57 km
7Nidigallu02:2102:22Right Time65 km
8Vendodu02:2902:30Right Time73 km
9Kondagunta02:4402:45Right Time83 km
10Gudur Jn03:4504:00Right Time92 km
11Manubolu04:0904:10Right Time102 km
12Venkatachalam04:2204:23Right Time114 km
13Vedayapalem04:3104:33Right Time124 km
14Nellore South H04:3904:40Right Time129 km
15Nellore04:4404:46Right Time131 km
16Padugupadu04:5304:54Right Time135 km
17Kodavaluru05:0205:03Right Time142 km
18Talamanchi05:0805:10Right Time147 km
19Alluru Road05:2105:22Right Time158 km
20Bitragunta05:3005:31Right Time165 km
21Sri Venkateswarapalem05:4105:42Right Time169 km
22Kavali05:4405:55Right Time181 km
23Tettu06:0706:08Right Time196 km
24Ulavapadu06:1906:20Right Time209 km
25Singarayakonda06:3006:31Right Time219 km
26Tanguturu06:4006:41Right Time228 km
27Surareddipalem06:5106:52Right Time237 km
28Ongole07:2407:25Right Time247 km
29Karavadi07:3607:37Right Time256 km
30Ammanabrolu07:4507:46Right Time262 km
31Raparla H07:5207:53Right Time265 km
32Uppugunduru07:5707:58Right Time269 km
33Chinna Ganjam08:0708:08Right Time276 km
34Kadavakuduru08:1408:15Right Time280 km
35Kotta Pandillapalli H08:2008:21Right Time285 km
36Vetapalem08:2608:27Right Time288 km
37Jandrapeta H08:3308:34Right Time293 km
38Chirala08:3908:40Right Time296 km
39Ipurupalem H08:4608:47Right Time300 km
40Stuartpuram08:5208:53Right Time304 km
41Bapatla09:0009:01Right Time311 km
42Appikatla09:1209:13Right Time320 km
43Machavaram H09:2109:22Right Time327 km
44Nidubrolu09:2709:28Right Time332 km
45Modukuru H09:3709:38Right Time339 km
46Tsunduru09:4309:44Right Time342 km
47Tenali Jn10:1910:20Right Time354 km
48Kolakalur10:2410:25Right Time360 km
49Duggirala10:3010:31Right Time363 km
50Chiluvur10:3810:39Right Time369 km
51Peddavadiapudi10:4410:45Right Time373 km
52Krishna Canal11:0411:05Right Time380 km
53Vijayawada Jn12:0012:40Right Time385 km
54Mustabada12:5012:51Right Time398 km
55Gannavaram12:5913:00Right Time405 km
56Pedda Avutapale13:0713:08Right Time410 km
57Telaprolu13:1513:16Right Time416 km
58Viravalli H13:2113:22Right Time419 km
59Nuzvid13:2913:30Right Time426 km
60Vatlur13:4013:41Right Time436 km
61Powerpet13:4813:49Right Time443 km
62Eluru13:5914:00Right Time445 km
63Denduluru14:0914:10Right Time454 km
64Sitampet H14:1414:15Right Time458 km
65Bhimadolu14:3114:32Right Time464 km
66Pulla14:4014:41Right Time470 km
67Kaikoram14:4514:46Right Time475 km
68Chebrol14:5414:55Right Time478 km
69Unguturu14:5915:00Right Time481 km
70Badampudi15:0415:05Right Time487 km
71Tadepalligudem15:2915:30Right Time492 km
72Navabpalem15:5916:00Right Time501 km
73Marampalli16:0416:05Right Time505 km
74Nidadavolu Jn17:1917:20Right Time512 km
75Brahmanagudem H17:2417:25Right Time516 km
76Chagallu17:3017:31Right Time521 km
77Pasivedala17:3617:37Right Time524 km
78Kovvur17:4217:43Right Time527 km
79Godavari17:5017:51Right Time531 km
80Rajamundry18:1518:20Right Time535 km
81Kadiyam18:2918:32Right Time545 km
82Kesavaram H18:3718:38Right Time550 km
83Dwarapudi18:4318:44Right Time554 km
84Anaparti18:4918:50Right Time558 km
85Baiabhadrapuram H18:5418:55Right Time564 km
86Bikkavolu19:0019:01Right Time568 km
87Pedda Brahmadevam H19:0619:07Right Time573 km
88Medapadu19:1219:13Right Time576 km
89Gudaparti19:1819:19Right Time580 km
90Samalkot Jn19:3319:35Right Time585 km
91Kakinada Town19:5520:00Right Time597 km
92Kakinada Port20:45Right Time600 km