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57305 KCGGNT PASS Running status

Departure14:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Jul 2018 2:15
1Kacheguda14:40Right TimeYet to start
2Malakpet14:4214:43Right Time2 km
3Dabirpura H14:4514:46Right Time3 km
4Yakutpura14:4814:49Right Time4 km
5Huppuguda H14:5014:51Right Time6 km
6Falaknuma14:5314:54Right Time7 km
7N P A Shivarampalli14:5514:56Right Time12 km
8Budvel15:0215:03Right Time14 km
9Umdanagar15:1115:12Right Time20 km
10Timmapur15:2115:22Right Time37 km
11Kottur H15:2515:26Right Time39 km
12Hbl Nagar15:2915:30Right Time41 km
13Shadnagar15:3915:40Right Time52 km
14Burgula H15:4815:49Right Time62 km
15Balanagar15:5415:55Right Time65 km
16Rangareddiguda15:5916:00Right Time71 km
17Rajapur H16:0416:05Right Time76 km
18Gollapalli H16:0916:10Right Time80 km
19Jadcharla16:1916:20Right Time88 km
20Divitapalli H16:2716:28Right Time96 km
21Yenugonda16:3416:35Right Time102 km
22Mahbubnagar16:4516:47Right Time106 km
23Mahbubnagar Town Halt16:5016:51Right Time108 km
24Manyamkonda17:0117:02Right Time120 km
25Kotakadra17:0517:06Right Time124 km
26Devarkadre17:0917:10Right Time130 km
27Kaukuntla17:1717:18Right Time141 km
28Kurumurthi17:2117:22Right Time146 km
29Konnur H17:2617:27Right Time154 km
30Wanparti Road17:3717:38Right Time159 km
31Ajakollu17:4417:45Right Time165 km
32Sriramnagar17:5217:53Right Time168 km
33Arepalli H17:5717:58Right Time173 km
34Gadwal18:0418:05Right Time181 km
35Poodoor H18:1418:15Right Time189 km
36Peddadinne H18:2118:22Right Time195 km
37Itikyala18:2918:30Right Time199 km
38Manopad18:4418:45Right Time212 km
39Sri Bala Bramareshwara Jogulamba18:5919:00Right Time226 km
40Alampur Road19:0419:05Right Time229 km
41Kurnool Town20:2020:25Right Time236 km
42Veldurti20:3420:35Right Time270 km
43Dhone Jn22:0022:20Right Time290 km
44Malkapuram22:3922:40Right Time302 km
45Rangapuram22:5422:55Right Time314 km
46Betamcherla23:0323:05Right Time325 km
47Bugganapalle Cement Nagar23:1523:16Right Time332 km
48Panyam23:4423:45Right Time351 km
49Nandyal00:3000:35Right Time365 km
50Gazulapalli00:5000:51Right Time380 km
51Chalama01:0301:04Right Time391 km
52Diguvametta01:3901:40Right Time407 km
53Kistamsettipalli01:4701:48Right Time414 km
54Giddalur02:0802:10Right Time419 km
55Gudimetta H02:1802:19Right Time427 km
56Somidevipalle02:2902:30Right Time431 km
57Jaggambhotla Krishnapuram02:4502:46Right Time443 km
58Cumbum02:5802:59Right Time450 km
59Tarlupadu03:1103:12Right Time463 km
60Markapur Road03:2703:28Right Time476 km
61Gajjelakonda03:4403:45Right Time489 km
62Donakonda04:0004:02Right Time500 km
63Potlapadu H04:1504:16Right Time506 km
64Kurichedu04:2304:24Right Time513 km
65Gundlakamma04:3504:36Right Time524 km
66Cheekategalapalem04:4704:48Right Time530 km
67Vinukonda04:5704:58Right Time537 km
68Savalyapuram05:1105:12Right Time547 km
69Vellacheruvu05:1905:20Right Time555 km
70Santamagulur05:2705:28Right Time558 km
71Munumaka05:3905:40Right Time567 km
72Narasaraopet06:0806:10Right Time575 km
73Satulur06:2406:25Right Time586 km
74Nudurupadu H06:3206:33Right Time592 km
75Phirangipuram06:5406:55Right Time599 km
76Perecherla H07:0907:10Right Time609 km
77Nallapadu07:4107:42Right Time615 km
78Guntur Jn08:45Right Time620 km