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57306 GNT KCG PASS Running status

Departure17:30 Right Time
Platform 4
Yet to start
Updated15 Jul 2018 2:15
1Guntur Jn17:30Right TimeYet to start
2Nallapadu17:4117:42Right Time5 km
3Perecherla H17:5117:52Right Time11 km
4Phirangipuram18:0118:02Right Time21 km
5Nudurupadu H18:0918:10Right Time28 km
6Satulur18:1718:18Right Time34 km
7Narasaraopet18:3018:32Right Time45 km
8Munumaka18:3918:40Right Time53 km
9Santamagulur18:5118:52Right Time62 km
10Vellacheruvu18:5718:58Right Time65 km
11Savalyapuram19:1519:16Right Time73 km
12Vinukonda19:3319:34Right Time83 km
13Cheekategalapalem19:4319:44Right Time90 km
14Gundlakamma19:5119:52Right Time96 km
15Kurichedu20:0420:05Right Time107 km
16Potlapadu H20:1120:12Right Time114 km
17Donakonda20:2220:24Right Time120 km
18Gajjelakonda20:3520:36Right Time131 km
19Markapur Road20:5320:54Right Time144 km
20Tarlupadu21:0921:10Right Time156 km
21Cumbum21:2421:25Right Time170 km
22Jaggambhotla Krishnapuram21:3421:35Right Time177 km
23Somidevipalle21:4921:50Right Time189 km
24Gudimetta H21:5721:58Right Time193 km
25Giddalur22:1022:12Right Time201 km
26Kistamsettipalli22:1822:19Right Time206 km
27Diguvametta22:3822:39Right Time212 km
28Chalama23:0923:10Right Time229 km
29Gazulapalli23:2323:24Right Time240 km
30Nandyal00:0500:10Right Time254 km
31Panyam00:2000:21Right Time269 km
32Bugganapalle Cement Nagar00:4100:42Right Time288 km
33Betamcherla00:4800:50Right Time294 km
34Rangapuram01:0401:05Right Time305 km
35Malkapuram01:2401:25Right Time317 km
36Dhone Jn02:2002:50Right Time330 km
37Veldurti03:0903:10Right Time350 km
38Kurnool Town03:5503:57Right Time384 km
39Sri Bala Bramareshwara Jogulamba04:0704:08Right Time394 km
40Gadwal04:5704:58Right Time439 km
41Wanparti Road05:1905:20Right Time461 km
42Mahbubnagar Town Halt05:5605:57Right Time512 km
43Mahbubnagar06:5007:05Right Time514 km
44Jadcharla07:1907:20Right Time532 km
45Gollapalli H07:2907:30Right Time539 km
46Balanagar07:4907:50Right Time555 km
47Shadnagar08:1108:12Right Time568 km
48Timmapur08:2408:25Right Time583 km
49Umdanagar08:3708:38Right Time599 km
50Budvel08:4508:46Right Time606 km
51Falaknuma09:1409:15Right Time613 km
52Huppuguda H09:1709:18Right Time614 km
53Yakutpura09:2109:22Right Time616 km
54Dabirpura H09:2309:24Right Time617 km
55Malakpet09:2609:27Right Time618 km
56Kacheguda09:45Right Time620 km