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57448 MBNR MZL PASS Running status

Departure16:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated10 Dec 2018 10:15
1Mahbubnagar16:10Right TimeYet to start
2Jadcharla16:2816:29Right Time18 km
3Gollapalli H16:3716:38Right Time25 km
4Balanagar16:5416:55Right Time40 km
5Shadnagar17:0917:10Right Time54 km
6Hbl Nagar17:1917:20Right Time65 km
7Kottur H17:2317:24Right Time67 km
8Timmapur17:2817:29Right Time69 km
9Umdanagar17:4917:50Right Time85 km
10Budvel17:5717:58Right Time92 km
11N P A Shivarampalli18:0018:01Right Time94 km
12Falaknuma18:1918:20Right Time98 km
13Huppuguda H18:2318:24Right Time100 km
14Yakutpura18:2718:28Right Time102 km
15Dabirpura H18:3018:31Right Time103 km
16Malakpet18:3318:34Right Time104 km
17Kacheguda18:4019:00Right Time106 km
18Vidyanagar19:0219:03Right Time108 km
19Jamia Osmania19:0519:06Right Time109 km
20Arts College19:0719:08Right Time110 km
21Sitafal Mandi19:1019:11Right Time111 km
22Lalaguda Gate19:1619:17Right Time113 km
23Malkajgiri19:1919:20Right Time114 km
24Dayanand Nagar19:2219:23Right Time115 km
25Safilguda19:2419:25Right Time116 km
26Rmkrshnaprm Gte19:2819:29Right Time118 km
27Ammuguda19:3119:32Right Time119 km
28Cavalry Barrcks19:3419:35Right Time120 km
29Alwal Halt19:3919:40Right Time121 km
30Bolarum Bazar19:4319:44Right Time123 km
31Bolarum19:5019:51Right Time124 km
32G Pochampalli19:5819:59Right Time130 km
33Gowdavalli20:0320:04Right Time135 km
34Medchal20:1020:11Right Time138 km
35Dabilpur H20:1420:15Right Time142 km
36Kuchavaram H20:1920:20Right Time149 km
37Manoharabad20:2720:28Right Time152 km
38Palat Potaram20:3220:33Right Time156 km
39Brahmanpalli20:4420:45Right Time160 km
40Masaipet20:4920:50Right Time166 km
41Srinivasa Nagar H20:5921:00Right Time169 km
42Wadiaram21:0921:10Right Time176 km
43Mirzapalli22:15Right Time183 km