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57515 DAUND NANDED PAS Running status

Departure13:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated22 Jan 2019 2:15
1Daund Jn13:00Right TimeYet to start
2Kashti13:1313:15Right Time10 km
3Shrigonda Road13:2813:30Right Time21 km
4Belvandi13:4813:50Right Time35 km
5Visapur13:5914:01Right Time49 km
6Ranjangaon Road14:1014:12Right Time55 km
7Sarola14:2414:26Right Time65 km
8Akolner14:3214:34Right Time71 km
9Ahmadnagar14:5014:55Right Time84 km
10Vilad15:1815:20Right Time100 km
11Vambori15:3315:35Right Time111 km
12Rahuri15:4815:50Right Time124 km
13Taklimiya15:5715:58Right Time129 km
14Padhegaon16:0516:07Right Time138 km
15Nipani Vadgaon16:1416:15Right Time144 km
16Belapur16:2516:30Right Time151 km
17Chitali16:4316:45Right Time163 km
18Puntamba16:5817:00Right Time171 km
19Kanhegaon17:0817:10Right Time179 km
20Sanvatsar17:1917:20Right Time188 km
21Kopargaon17:3317:35Right Time195 km
22Yeola18:2318:25Right Time208 km
23Manmad Jn19:2519:30Right Time237 km
24Ankai19:5519:56Right Time250 km
25Nagarsol20:0420:05Right Time259 km
26Tarur20:1620:17Right Time273 km
27Rotegaon20:2920:30Right Time287 km
28Parsoda20:3920:40Right Time300 km
29Karanjgaon20:4420:45Right Time305 km
30Lasur20:4920:50Right Time315 km
31Potul21:0421:05Right Time326 km
32Daulatabad21:1421:15Right Time336 km
33Aurangabad21:3021:35Right Time348 km
34Mukunda Wadi H21:4421:45Right Time354 km
35Chikalthan21:4921:50Right Time358 km
36Karmad22:0922:10Right Time372 km
37Badnapur22:2422:25Right Time392 km
38Jalna22:4822:50Right Time411 km
39Sarwari22:5923:00Right Time420 km
40Kodi23:0923:10Right Time431 km
41Ranjani23:1923:20Right Time442 km
42Paradgaon H23:2423:25Right Time448 km
43Partur23:3423:35Right Time456 km
44Usmanpur23:4423:45Right Time465 km
45Satuna23:5423:55Right Time474 km
46Selu00:0400:05Right Time483 km
47Dengli Pimpalgaon00:1400:15Right Time492 km
48Manwath Road00:1900:20Right Time498 km
49Devalgaon Avchar H00:2900:30Right Time507 km
50Pergaon00:3900:40Right Time513 km
51Parbhani Jn01:1301:15Right Time525 km
52Pingli01:2401:25Right Time535 km
53Mirkhal01:3401:35Right Time541 km
54Purna Jn02:4002:45Right Time554 km
55Chudawa02:5903:00Right Time564 km
56Limbgaon03:1403:15Right Time573 km
57H Sahib Nanded04:25Right Time584 km