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57542 NED MMR PASS Running status

Departure18:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Nov 2018 10:15
1H Sahib Nanded18:45Right TimeYet to start
2Wanegaon H18:4918:50Right Time6 km
3Limbgaon18:5718:58Right Time11 km
4Chudawa19:0919:10Right Time21 km
5Purna Jn19:2319:25Right Time30 km
6Mirkhal19:3419:35Right Time43 km
7Pingli19:3919:40Right Time49 km
8Parbhani Jn19:4819:50Right Time59 km
9Pergaon19:5920:00Right Time71 km
10Devalgaon Avchar H20:0420:05Right Time78 km
11Manwath Road20:1120:12Right Time86 km
12Dengli Pimpalgaon20:1720:18Right Time92 km
13Selu20:2420:25Right Time101 km
14Satuna20:3420:35Right Time111 km
15Usmanpur20:4420:45Right Time120 km
16Partur20:5921:00Right Time129 km
17Paradgaon H21:0621:07Right Time136 km
18Ranjani21:1421:15Right Time143 km
19Kodi21:2921:30Right Time154 km
20Sarwari21:3921:40Right Time164 km
21Jalna22:3822:40Right Time174 km
22Badnapur22:5923:00Right Time192 km
23Karmad23:1423:15Right Time212 km
24Chikalthan23:2923:30Right Time226 km
25Mukunda Wadi H23:3423:35Right Time230 km
26Aurangabad00:4001:35Right Time236 km
27Daulatabad01:4901:50Right Time249 km
28Potul01:5902:00Right Time258 km
29Lasur02:0902:10Right Time270 km
30Karanjgaon02:1902:20Right Time279 km
31Parsoda02:2902:30Right Time285 km
32Rotegaon02:3902:40Right Time297 km
33Tarur02:5402:55Right Time311 km
34Nagarsol03:2903:30Right Time325 km
35Ankai03:3903:40Right Time335 km
36Manmad Jn04:40Right Time348 km