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57547 HYB PAU PASS Running status

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Hyderabad Decan-HYB
EExpected07:55 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Hyderabad Decan07:55Right TimeYet to start
2Khairatabad08:0008:01Right Time2 km
3Begampet08:0908:10Right Time5 km
4Sanat Nagar08:1808:19Right Time9 km
5Hafizpeta08:2408:25Right Time18 km
6Lingampalli08:3308:34Right Time23 km
7Nagalapalle08:4608:47Right Time33 km
8Shankarpalli08:5708:58Right Time44 km
9Ravalpalli Kalan09:0309:04Right Time49 km
10Gullaguda09:0909:10Right Time55 km
11Chitgidda09:1609:17Right Time62 km
12Vikarabad Jn09:2509:30Right Time72 km
13Sadashivapet Road09:4909:50Right Time94 km
14Marpalli10:0410:05Right Time108 km
15Kohir Deccan10:1710:18Right Time118 km
16Zahirabad10:3410:35Right Time132 km
17Matalkunta10:4910:50Right Time144 km
18Chitta Halt10:5911:00Right Time150 km
19Bidar11:1511:20Right Time163 km
20Khanpur11:3211:33Right Time178 km
21Halbarga11:3911:40Right Time186 km
22Bhalki12:1312:25Right Time201 km
23Kalgupur12:5913:00Right Time215 km
24Kamalnagar13:1413:15Right Time225 km
25Udgir13:3913:40Right Time244 km
26Kumtha Khurd13:5113:52Right Time256 km
27Her14:0414:05Right Time260 km
28Ambika Rohina H14:1114:12Right Time264 km
29Nageshwadi H14:1914:20Right Time268 km
30Chakur14:2414:25Right Time272 km
31Latur Road14:5314:55Right Time277 km
32Wadwal Nagnath15:0415:05Right Time281 km
33Janwal15:1415:15Right Time288 km
34Karepur15:2415:25Right Time297 km
35Pangaon15:4915:50Right Time304 km
36Murti15:5916:00Right Time312 km
37Ghat Nandur16:1416:15Right Time317 km
38Parli Vaijnath17:3517:50Right Time340 km
39Ukhali17:5918:00Right Time351 km
40Vadgaon Nila18:0418:05Right Time355 km
41Gangakher18:1818:20Right Time369 km
42Dhondi18:3718:38Right Time382 km
43Pokami Narsimha18:4218:43Right Time386 km
44Sangannapur18:4718:48Right Time393 km
45Parbhani Jn18:5819:00Right Time404 km
46Pingli19:1919:20Right Time414 km
47Mirkhal19:3919:40Right Time420 km
48Purna Jn21:05Right Time432 km