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57550 HYDERABAD PASS Running status

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EExpected15:35 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Aurangabad15:35Right TimeYet to start
2Mukunda Wadi H15:4415:45Right Time6 km
3Chikalthan15:4915:50Right Time10 km
4Karmad15:5916:00Right Time24 km
5Badnapur16:1416:15Right Time43 km
6Jalna16:3316:35Right Time62 km
7Sarwari16:4416:45Right Time72 km
8Kodi16:5416:55Right Time82 km
9Ranjani17:0417:05Right Time93 km
10Paradgaon H17:0917:10Right Time99 km
11Partur17:1917:20Right Time107 km
12Usmanpur17:2917:30Right Time116 km
13Satuna17:3917:40Right Time125 km
14Selu17:4917:50Right Time134 km
15Manwath Road18:0918:10Right Time149 km
16Devalgaon Avchar H18:1918:20Right Time158 km
17Pergaon18:2918:30Right Time164 km
18Parbhani Jn19:0519:25Right Time177 km
19Sangannapur19:3419:35Right Time187 km
20Pokami Narsimha19:4419:45Right Time194 km
21Dhondi19:4919:50Right Time198 km
22Gangakher19:5920:00Right Time211 km
23Vadgaon Nila20:4920:50Right Time225 km
24Ukhali20:5420:55Right Time229 km
25Parli Vaijnath21:4522:05Right Time240 km
26Ghat Nandur22:4422:45Right Time264 km
27Murti22:4922:50Right Time268 km
28Pangaon22:5923:00Right Time276 km
29Karepur23:0723:08Right Time283 km
30Janwal23:1523:16Right Time292 km
31Wadwal Nagnath23:2223:23Right Time299 km
32Latur Road23:3323:35Right Time304 km
33Chakur23:4223:43Right Time308 km
34Ambika Rohina H23:5523:56Right Time317 km
35Her00:0200:03Right Time320 km
36Kumtha Khurd00:0900:10Right Time324 km
37Udgir00:1800:20Right Time337 km
38Kamalnagar00:3400:35Right Time356 km
39Kalgupur00:4400:45Right Time365 km
40Bhalki01:0101:02Right Time380 km
41Bidar02:2502:30Right Time417 km
42Zahirabad02:5903:00Right Time449 km
43Kohir Deccan03:1903:20Right Time463 km
44Marpalli03:3403:35Right Time472 km
45Sadashivapet Road03:4903:50Right Time486 km
46Vikarabad Jn04:4004:50Right Time508 km
47Chitgidda04:5905:00Right Time518 km
48Gullaguda05:0905:10Right Time525 km
49Ravalpalli Kalan05:1405:15Right Time531 km
50Shankarpalli05:1905:20Right Time537 km
51Nagalapalle05:2905:30Right Time548 km
52Lingampalli05:3905:40Right Time557 km
53Hafizpeta05:4905:50Right Time562 km
54Sanat Nagar05:5906:00Right Time571 km
55Begampet06:0706:08Right Time575 km
56Khairatabad06:2206:23Right Time582 km
57Hyderabad Decan07:05Right Time584 km