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57583 AK PAU PAS Running status

Departure22:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Nov 2018 10:15
1Akola Jn22:15Right TimeYet to start
2Shivni Shivapur22:2522:26Right Time9 km
3Barsi Takli22:3622:37Right Time21 km
4Lohogad22:4822:49Right Time34 km
5Aman Vadi23:0023:01Right Time46 km
6Jaulka H23:1023:11Right Time56 km
7Kata Road23:2123:22Right Time69 km
8Washim23:3623:38Right Time79 km
9Kekatumar23:4723:48Right Time89 km
10Penganga23:5423:55Right Time96 km
11Kanhargoan Naka00:0400:05Right Time100 km
12Malsailu00:1900:20Right Time110 km
13Navalgaon00:2900:30Right Time118 km
14Hingoli Deccan00:5300:55Right Time127 km
15Dhamni H01:0501:06Right Time136 km
16Kannjara H01:1301:14Right Time143 km
17Nandapur01:1901:20Right Time146 km
18Bolda01:2901:30Right Time154 km
19Pangarshinde H01:3401:35Right Time158 km
20Sirli02:1402:15Right Time162 km
21Junona H02:2102:22Right Time169 km
22Chondi02:2902:30Right Time174 km
23Basmat02:3802:40Right Time185 km
24Pimpla Chaure H02:4902:50Right Time190 km
25Marsul03:0903:10Right Time197 km
26Purna Jn04:30Right Time207 km