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57593 MED NED PASS Running status

Departure15:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Nov 2018 10:15
1Medchal15:10Right TimeYet to start
2Dabilpur H15:1415:15Right Time4 km
3Kuchavaram H15:2015:21Right Time10 km
4Manoharabad15:2815:29Right Time13 km
5Palat Potaram15:3215:33Right Time18 km
6Brahmanpalli15:3715:38Right Time22 km
7Masaipet15:4715:48Right Time27 km
8Srinivasa Nagar H15:5215:53Right Time31 km
9Wadiaram15:5815:59Right Time38 km
10Mirzapalli16:0616:07Right Time45 km
11Shankapur H16:1216:13Right Time50 km
12Akanapet16:1916:20Right Time54 km
13Bhiknur16:2816:29Right Time61 km
14Tippapur16:3316:34Right Time67 km
15Talmadla16:4016:41Right Time71 km
16Kamareddi16:5016:52Right Time81 km
17Uppalavai17:0217:03Right Time92 km
18Sirnapalli H17:1417:15Right Time103 km
19Indalvai17:2317:24Right Time110 km
20Dichpalli17:3217:33Right Time120 km
21Nizamabad18:0318:05Right Time133 km
22Jankampet Jn18:1418:15Right Time139 km
23Navipet18:2718:28Right Time148 km
24Fakharbad18:3418:35Right Time154 km
25Basar18:5919:00Right Time162 km
26Dharmabad19:1419:15Right Time172 km
27Samarala H19:2019:21Right Time178 km
28Karkheli19:3319:34Right Time186 km
29Bolsa19:4219:43Right Time193 km
30Umri19:5219:53Right Time201 km
31Shelgaon19:5819:59Right Time209 km
32Sivungaon20:0920:10Right Time215 km
33Mudkhed Jn20:3820:40Right Time221 km
34Mugat20:5921:00Right Time230 km
35Pathrad H21:0921:10Right Time234 km
36H Sahib Nanded22:20Right Time244 km