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57651 SC RAL PASS Running status

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Secunderabad Jn-SC
EExpected10:50 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:18
Yet to start
1Secunderabad Jn10:50Right TimeYet to start
2Maula Ali10:5810:59Right Time5 km
3Charlapalli11:0811:09Right Time12 km
4Ghatkesar11:1811:19Right Time20 km
5Bibinagar Jn11:2811:29Right Time33 km
6Nagireddipalli12:1312:14Right Time52 km
7Valligonda12:2812:29Right Time62 km
8Ramannapeta12:3912:40Right Time75 km
9Chityala12:4912:50Right Time84 km
10Shri Rampuram13:0113:02Right Time99 km
11Nalgonda13:1713:18Right Time109 km
12Thipparthi13:3413:35Right Time127 km
13Mirylaguda13:5313:54Right Time148 km
14Vishnupuram14:1714:18Right Time168 km
15Pondugula14:2714:28Right Time177 km
16Nadikude Jn14:4514:46Right Time186 km
17Tummalacheruvu14:5915:00Right Time198 km
18Piduguralla15:1315:14Right Time207 km
19Bellamkonda15:2715:28Right Time221 km
20Reddigudem15:3515:36Right Time227 km
21Sattenapalle15:5015:51Right Time239 km
22Gudipudi15:5916:00Right Time246 km
23Peddakurapadu16:0916:10Right Time252 km
24Lingamguntla16:1616:17Right Time255 km
25Siripuram16:2916:30Right Time258 km
26Mandapadu H16:3716:38Right Time262 km
27Bandarupalli16:4416:45Right Time268 km
28Nallapadu17:0917:10Right Time276 km
29Guntur Jn18:0018:05Right Time281 km
30Vejandla18:1818:19Right Time293 km
31Sangamjagarlamudi18:2718:28Right Time298 km
32Angalakuduru18:3418:35Right Time303 km
33Tenali Jn18:5019:00Right Time307 km
34Chinnaravuru19:1019:11Right Time310 km
35Zampani H19:1919:20Right Time317 km
36Vemuru19:2619:27Right Time320 km
37Penumarru H19:3419:35Right Time327 km
38Bhattiprolu19:3919:40Right Time330 km
39Pallikona19:4719:48Right Time335 km
40Repalle20:10Right Time341 km