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57659 SUR FM PASS Running status

Departure10:25 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Solapur Jn10:25Right TimeYet to start
2Tikekarwadi10:3510:36Right Time7 km
3Hotgi10:4310:45Right Time15 km
4Tilati10:5510:56Right Time24 km
5Akalkot Road11:0611:07Right Time35 km
6Nagansur11:1411:15Right Time41 km
7Boroti11:2411:25Right Time50 km
8Dudhani11:3911:40Right Time63 km
9Kulali11:5411:55Right Time73 km
10Gaudgaon12:0412:05Right Time80 km
11Ganagapur Road12:1212:13Right Time86 km
12Hunsihadgil12:2012:22Right Time93 km
13Sawalgi12:2912:31Right Time100 km
14Bablad12:3912:40Right Time108 km
15Gulbarga13:0013:05Right Time113 km
16Hirenanduru13:1613:17Right Time123 km
17Martur13:2413:25Right Time129 km
18Shahabad13:4913:50Right Time139 km
19Wadi14:1014:15Right Time150 km
20Sulehalli14:3014:31Right Time159 km
21Chittapur14:3714:38Right Time165 km
22Malkhaid Road14:4814:49Right Time175 km
23Seram14:5915:00Right Time187 km
24Kurgunta15:0815:09Right Time195 km
25Nawandgi15:1915:20Right Time203 km
26Mantatti15:2915:30Right Time212 km
27Tandur15:5015:52Right Time220 km
28Rukmapur16:0316:04Right Time231 km
29Dharur16:1516:16Right Time241 km
30Mailaram16:2016:21Right Time246 km
31Godamgura16:2516:26Right Time253 km
32Vikarabad Jn16:4516:50Right Time262 km
33Chitgidda16:5917:00Right Time271 km
34Gullaguda17:0917:10Right Time278 km
35Ravalpalli Kalan17:1617:17Right Time285 km
36Shankarpalli17:3917:40Right Time290 km
37Nagalapalle17:5417:55Right Time301 km
38Lingampalli18:0418:05Right Time311 km
39Hafizpeta18:0918:10Right Time316 km
40Sanat Nagar18:1918:20Right Time325 km
41Begampet18:2918:30Right Time329 km
42Secunderabad Jn18:5519:00Right Time335 km
43Sitafal Mandi19:0919:10Right Time337 km
44Arts College19:1219:13Right Time338 km
45Jamia Osmania19:1419:15Right Time339 km
46Vidyanagar19:1619:17Right Time341 km
47Kacheguda19:2519:27Right Time342 km
48Malakpet19:2919:30Right Time344 km
49Dabirpura H19:3219:33Right Time345 km
50Yakutpura19:3719:38Right Time346 km
51Huppuguda H19:4119:42Right Time348 km
52Falaknuma19:45Right Time350 km