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58002 PURI SRC PASS Running status

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EExpected09:40 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Puri09:40Right TimeYet to start
2Malatipatpur09:5209:53Right Time7 km
3Jankideipur Ph09:5709:58Right Time10 km
4Sakhi Gopal10:0310:04Right Time16 km
5Birpurusothampur10:0910:10Right Time21 km
6Jenapur Road Ph10:1410:15Right Time25 km
7Delang10:1910:20Right Time27 km
8Kanas Road10:2410:25Right Time31 km
9Motari H10:2910:30Right Time34 km
10Haripurgram Ph10:3810:39Right Time40 km
11Khurda Road Jn10:5010:55Right Time43 km
12Retang11:0611:07Right Time50 km
13Lingaraj Temple Road Ph11:1311:14Right Time57 km
14Bhubaneswar11:2011:25Right Time62 km
15Mancheswar11:3411:35Right Time68 km
16Barang11:5011:51Right Time77 km
17Naraj Marthapur12:0212:03Right Time85 km
18Sarpeswar Ph12:0912:10Right Time89 km
19Ghantakhal Nidhipur12:1512:16Right Time93 km
20Radha Kishorepur12:2312:24Right Time98 km
21Machapur Bh12:3112:32Right Time101 km
22Gurudijhatia12:3912:40Right Time108 km
23Badapadagaon Ph12:4312:44Right Time112 km
24Charbatia12:4712:48Right Time116 km
25Salegaon12:5512:56Right Time121 km
26Kapilas Road13:0413:05Right Time125 km
27Sri Jhadeswar Ph13:1013:11Right Time132 km
28Byree13:1613:17Right Time135 km
29Barithengarh Ph13:2213:23Right Time139 km
30Dhanmandal13:2813:29Right Time146 km
31Haridaspur13:4013:41Right Time151 km
32New Garh Madhupur13:4813:49Right Time161 km
33Jenapur13:5513:56Right Time167 km
34Brahmani Ph14:0114:02Right Time171 km
35Jakhapura14:0714:08Right Time174 km
36Jajpur Keonjhar Road14:2014:25Right Time182 km
37Korai14:3014:31Right Time187 km
38Baitarni Road14:3714:38Right Time194 km
39Dulakhapatna Ph14:4314:44Right Time199 km
40Manjuri Road14:5014:51Right Time202 km
41Kenduapada14:5714:58Right Time209 km
42Kapali Road Ph15:0315:04Right Time213 km
43Baudpur15:0915:10Right Time218 km
44Bhadrakh17:0017:05Right Time225 km
45Markona17:2017:21Right Time239 km
46Sabira17:3317:34Right Time245 km
47Soro17:4117:42Right Time254 km
48Bahanaga Bazar17:5317:54Right Time262 km
49Panpana Ph18:0318:04Right Time267 km
50Khantapara18:0918:10Right Time272 km
51Nilgiri Road18:1618:17Right Time276 km
52Balasore18:2818:33Right Time287 km
53Tikirapal P H18:3818:39Right Time292 km
54Haldipada18:4618:47Right Time299 km
55Rupsa Jn18:5518:56Right Time305 km
56Nuagaon Mayurbhanj Road19:0319:04Right Time310 km
57Basta19:0919:10Right Time315 km
58Amarda Road19:1719:18Right Time320 km
59Rajghat Ph19:2519:26Right Time327 km
60Jaleswar19:3319:34Right Time334 km
61Lakshannath Road19:4119:42Right Time340 km
62Angua P H19:4819:49Right Time346 km
63Dantan19:5519:56Right Time351 km
64Nikursini20:0820:09Right Time359 km
65Belda20:1720:18Right Time367 km
66Kharagpur Jn21:4522:35Right Time405 km
67Jakpur22:4422:45Right Time412 km
68Madpur22:5122:52Right Time418 km
69Shyam Chak22:5822:59Right Time424 km
70Balichak23:0523:06Right Time429 km
71Radhamohanpur23:1323:14Right Time436 km
72Haur23:1923:20Right Time440 km
73Panskura23:3023:31Right Time450 km
74Bhogpur23:4123:42Right Time459 km
75Mecheda23:4923:50Right Time464 km
76Kolaghat00:0000:01Right Time468 km
77Deulti00:0600:07Right Time472 km
78Bagnan00:1300:14Right Time477 km
79Kulgachia00:2200:23Right Time483 km
80Birshibpur00:3100:32Right Time486 km
81Ulubaria00:3700:38Right Time490 km
82Fuleswar00:4400:45Right Time493 km
83Chengel00:4900:50Right Time495 km
84Bauria Jn00:5400:55Right Time499 km
85Nalpur01:0001:01Right Time502 km
86Abada01:0501:06Right Time505 km
87Sankrail01:0901:10Right Time507 km
88Andul01:1601:17Right Time510 km
89Santragachi Jn01:40Right Time515 km