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58002 PURI SRC PASS Running status

Departure09:35 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated14 Jan 2019 2:15
1Puri09:35Right TimeYet to start
2Malatipatpur09:4709:48Right Time7 km
3Jankideipur Ph09:5309:54Right Time10 km
4Sakhi Gopal09:5910:00Right Time16 km
5Birpurusothampur10:0610:07Right Time22 km
6Jenapur Road Ph10:1210:13Right Time25 km
7Delang10:1810:19Right Time28 km
8Kanas Road10:2410:25Right Time32 km
9Motari H10:3010:31Right Time35 km
10Haripurgram Ph10:3910:40Right Time40 km
11Khurda Road Jn11:0011:05Right Time43 km
12Retang11:1711:18Right Time51 km
13Lingaraj Temple Road Ph11:2511:26Right Time58 km
14Bhubaneswar11:4011:45Right Time62 km
15Vanivihar Ph11:5011:51Right Time65 km
16Mancheswar11:5711:58Right Time69 km
17Patia Ph12:0312:04Right Time72 km
18Bhubaneswar New12:0912:10Right Time75 km
19Barang12:1512:16Right Time78 km
20Naraj Marthapur12:3312:34Right Time87 km
21Sarpeswar Ph12:3912:40Right Time90 km
22Ghantakhal Nidhipur12:5012:51Right Time95 km
23Radha Kishorepur12:5812:59Right Time100 km
24Machapur Bh13:0613:07Right Time102 km
25Gurudijhatia13:1413:15Right Time109 km
26Badapadagaon Ph13:2213:23Right Time114 km
27Charbatia13:3013:31Right Time118 km
28Salegaon13:3813:39Right Time122 km
29Kapilas Road14:0014:01Right Time127 km
30Sri Jhadeswar Ph14:0614:07Right Time134 km
31Byree14:1214:13Right Time137 km
32Barithengarh Ph14:1914:20Right Time141 km
33Dhanmandal14:2614:27Right Time147 km
34Haridaspur14:3414:35Right Time152 km
35New Garh Madhupur14:4514:46Right Time162 km
36Jenapur14:5214:53Right Time168 km
37Brahmani Ph14:5814:59Right Time173 km
38Jakhapura15:0415:05Right Time176 km
39Jajpur Keonjhar Road15:2015:25Right Time184 km
40Korai15:3015:31Right Time189 km
41Baitarni Road15:4015:41Right Time195 km
42Dulakhapatna Ph15:4715:48Right Time201 km
43Manjuri Road15:5515:56Right Time204 km
44Kenduapada16:0216:03Right Time211 km
45Kapali Road Ph16:0816:09Right Time215 km
46Baudpur16:1416:15Right Time220 km
47Bhadrakh17:0017:05Right Time226 km
48Ranital17:1217:13Right Time234 km
49Markona17:2017:21Right Time240 km
50Sabira17:3217:33Right Time246 km
51Soro17:4117:42Right Time255 km
52Bahanaga Bazar17:5317:54Right Time264 km
53Panpana Ph18:0318:04Right Time269 km
54Khantapara18:0918:10Right Time273 km
55Nilgiri Road18:1618:17Right Time278 km
56Balasore18:2818:33Right Time288 km
57Tikirapal P H18:3818:39Right Time293 km
58Haldipada18:4618:47Right Time300 km
59Rupsa Jn18:5518:56Right Time306 km
60Nuagaon Mayurbhanj Road19:0319:04Right Time312 km
61Basta19:0919:10Right Time316 km
62Amarda Road19:1719:18Right Time322 km
63Rajghat Ph19:2619:27Right Time328 km
64Jaleswar19:3419:35Right Time336 km
65Lakshannath Road19:4219:43Right Time342 km
66Angua P H19:4919:50Right Time348 km
67Dantan19:5619:57Right Time352 km
68Nikursini20:0920:10Right Time361 km
69Belda20:1820:19Right Time369 km
70Kharagpur Jn21:4522:35Right Time407 km
71Jakpur22:4422:45Right Time414 km
72Madpur22:5122:52Right Time420 km
73Shyam Chak22:5822:59Right Time425 km
74Balichak23:0523:06Right Time431 km
75Radhamohanpur23:1323:14Right Time438 km
76Haur23:1923:20Right Time442 km
77Panskura23:3123:32Right Time451 km
78Bhogpur23:4223:43Right Time461 km
79Mecheda23:4923:50Right Time466 km
80Kolaghat00:0000:01Right Time469 km
81Deulti00:0600:07Right Time473 km
82Bagnan00:1300:14Right Time479 km
83Kulgachia00:2200:23Right Time484 km
84Birshibpur00:3100:32Right Time488 km
85Ulubaria00:3700:38Right Time492 km
86Fuleswar00:4400:45Right Time494 km
87Chengel00:4900:50Right Time497 km
88Bauria Jn00:5400:55Right Time500 km
89Nalpur01:0001:01Right Time504 km
90Abada01:0501:06Right Time507 km
91Sankrail01:0901:10Right Time508 km
92Andul01:1601:17Right Time512 km
93Santragachi Jn01:40Right Time517 km