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58011 HWH CKP PAS Running status

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Howrah Jn-HWH
EExpected23:05 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Howrah Jn23:05Right TimeYet to start
2Bauria Jn23:3723:38Right Time24 km
3Fuleswar23:4523:46Right Time29 km
4Ulubaria23:5223:53Right Time32 km
5Bagnan00:0600:07Right Time45 km
6Mecheda00:2000:21Right Time58 km
7Panskura00:3900:40Right Time72 km
8Balichak01:0501:06Right Time93 km
9Kharagpur Jn01:4001:50Right Time117 km
10Midnapore02:1802:23Right Time130 km
11Salboni02:3902:40Right Time154 km
12Chandrakona Rd02:5002:51Right Time165 km
13Garhbeta03:0103:02Right Time177 km
14Piardoba03:1603:17Right Time190 km
15Bishnupur03:2803:29Right Time202 km
16Ramsagar03:3603:37Right Time207 km
17Ondagram03:4503:46Right Time216 km
18Bankura04:0804:13Right Time232 km
19Chhatna04:2304:24Right Time246 km
20Jhantipahari04:3304:34Right Time255 km
21Sirjam04:4304:44Right Time264 km
22Indrabil04:5104:52Right Time271 km
23Metyal Sahar Ph04:5804:59Right Time277 km
24Adra Jn05:1505:25Right Time285 km
25Garh Dhrubbeswar05:3505:36Right Time292 km
26Anara05:4405:45Right Time299 km
27Bagalia05:5505:56Right Time305 km
28Kustaur06:0306:04Right Time313 km
29Chharra06:0906:10Right Time317 km
30Purulia Jn06:2006:27Right Time325 km
31Tamna06:3506:36Right Time332 km
32Kantadih06:4306:44Right Time340 km
33Urma06:5106:52Right Time348 km
34Barabhum06:5907:00Right Time356 km
35Biramdih07:0907:10Right Time361 km
36Nimdih07:1707:18Right Time370 km
37Chandil Jn07:4007:45Right Time379 km
38Manikul07:5307:54Right Time385 km
39Kunki08:0108:02Right Time390 km
40Kandra08:1008:11Right Time393 km
41Sini Jn08:2908:30Right Time407 km
42Mahali Marup08:3908:40Right Time415 km
43Rajkharsawan Jn08:4908:51Right Time423 km
44Barabambo08:5909:00Right Time432 km
45Chakradharpur09:20Right Time443 km