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58012 CKP HWH PAS Running status

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EExpected17:10 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Chakradharpur17:10Right TimeYet to start
2Barabambo17:1917:20Right Time10 km
3Rajkharsawan Jn17:3217:34Right Time20 km
4Mahali Marup17:4017:41Right Time27 km
5Sini Jn17:5117:52Right Time35 km
6Kandra18:1018:11Right Time50 km
7Kunki18:1718:18Right Time53 km
8Manikul18:2618:27Right Time58 km
9Chandil Jn18:5018:55Right Time64 km
10Nimdih19:0219:03Right Time73 km
11Biramdih19:1119:12Right Time81 km
12Barabhum19:1719:18Right Time86 km
13Urma19:2919:30Right Time94 km
14Kantadih19:3719:38Right Time103 km
15Tamna19:4519:46Right Time111 km
16Purulia Jn20:0020:07Right Time118 km
17Chharra20:1320:14Right Time125 km
18Kustaur20:1920:20Right Time130 km
19Bagalia20:2720:28Right Time138 km
20Anara20:3920:40Right Time144 km
21Garh Dhrubbeswar20:5020:51Right Time150 km
22Adra Jn21:2022:00Right Time157 km
23Metyal Sahar Ph22:0922:10Right Time165 km
24Indrabil22:1622:17Right Time171 km
25Sirjam22:2422:25Right Time178 km
26Jhantipahari22:3322:34Right Time187 km
27Chhatna22:4322:44Right Time196 km
28Bankura22:5723:02Right Time210 km
29Ondagram23:1323:14Right Time226 km
30Ramsagar23:2323:24Right Time235 km
31Bishnupur23:2923:30Right Time241 km
32Piardoba23:4423:45Right Time253 km
33Garhbeta23:5723:58Right Time266 km
34Chandrakona Rd00:1200:13Right Time277 km
35Salboni00:2300:24Right Time289 km
36Midnapore00:5501:00Right Time313 km
37Kharagpur Jn01:3001:40Right Time325 km
38Balichak02:0302:05Right Time350 km
39Panskura02:2102:23Right Time370 km
40Mecheda02:3302:35Right Time385 km
41Bagnan02:4902:50Right Time398 km
42Ulubaria03:0303:04Right Time411 km
43Fuleswar03:0903:10Right Time413 km
44Bauria Jn03:1703:18Right Time419 km
45Howrah Jn04:20Right Time443 km