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58015 HWH ADRA PASS Running status

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Howrah Jn-HWH
EExpected17:45 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Howrah Jn17:45Right TimeYet to start
2Santragachi Jn18:0118:02Right Time7 km
3Bagnan18:3518:36Right Time45 km
4Mecheda18:4918:50Right Time58 km
5Panskura19:0119:02Right Time72 km
6Haur19:1219:13Right Time82 km
7Radhamohanpur19:1919:20Right Time86 km
8Balichak19:2719:28Right Time93 km
9Kharagpur Jn20:0020:05Right Time117 km
10Girimaidan20:1220:13Right Time119 km
11Gokulpur20:1920:20Right Time123 km
12Midnapore20:3820:40Right Time130 km
13Godapiasal20:4820:49Right Time142 km
14Salboni20:5921:00Right Time154 km
15Chandrakona Rd21:0921:10Right Time165 km
16Garhbeta21:1921:20Right Time177 km
17Bogri Road21:2521:26Right Time181 km
18Piardoba21:3321:34Right Time190 km
19Bishnupur21:4421:45Right Time202 km
20Ramsagar21:5121:52Right Time207 km
21Ondagram22:0022:01Right Time216 km
22Bheduasol22:0822:09Right Time225 km
23Bankura22:1822:20Right Time232 km
24Chhatna22:3022:31Right Time246 km
25Jhantipahari22:3922:40Right Time255 km
26Sirjam22:4822:49Right Time264 km
27Indrabil22:5622:57Right Time271 km
28Adra Jn23:20Right Time285 km