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58025 KGP HTE PASS Running status

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Kharagpur Jn-KGP
EExpected08:40 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Kharagpur Jn08:40Right TimeYet to start
2Girimaidan08:4708:48Right Time2 km
3Gokulpur09:0509:06Right Time6 km
4Midnapore09:1809:20Right Time12 km
5Godapiasal09:3009:31Right Time24 km
6Salboni09:4009:41Right Time36 km
7Chandrakona Rd09:5209:53Right Time48 km
8Garhbeta10:0610:07Right Time59 km
9Bogri Road10:1910:20Right Time64 km
10Piardoba10:2910:30Right Time72 km
11Bishnupur10:4110:42Right Time84 km
12Ramsagar10:5110:52Right Time90 km
13Ondagram11:0011:01Right Time99 km
14Bheduasol11:1111:12Right Time107 km
15Bankura11:2411:29Right Time115 km
16Anchuri P H11:3711:38Right Time125 km
17Chhatna11:4711:48Right Time128 km
18Jhantipahari11:5111:52Right Time138 km
19Sirjam12:0012:01Right Time147 km
20Indrabil12:0812:09Right Time154 km
21Metyal Sahar Ph12:1512:16Right Time160 km
22Adra Jn13:2013:30Right Time168 km
23Garh Dhrubbeswar13:4013:41Right Time175 km
24Anara13:4913:50Right Time181 km
25Bagalia14:0014:01Right Time187 km
26Kustaur14:0814:09Right Time195 km
27Chharra14:1414:15Right Time200 km
28Purulia Jn14:2515:20Right Time207 km
29Gourinathdham15:3515:36Right Time222 km
30Chas Road15:4215:43Right Time229 km
31Garh Jaipur15:5015:51Right Time236 km
32Kotshila16:0716:08Right Time243 km
33Begun Kudar16:1516:16Right Time250 km
34Jhalida16:2016:21Right Time255 km
35Tulin16:2916:30Right Time263 km
36Muri16:4516:50Right Time267 km
37Silli17:0417:05Right Time274 km
38Kita17:1917:20Right Time282 km
39Gautamdhara17:3917:40Right Time297 km
40Gangaghat17:5918:00Right Time312 km
41Tatisilwai18:1418:15Right Time322 km
42Namkon18:2418:25Right Time328 km
43Ranchi18:3518:40Right Time332 km
44Hatia19:30Right Time339 km