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58026 HTE KGP PASS Running status

Departure09:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated13 Dec 2018 10:15
1Hatia09:00Right TimeYet to start
2Ranchi09:1509:20Right Time7 km
3Namkon09:2909:30Right Time11 km
4Tatisilwai09:3909:40Right Time18 km
5Gangaghat09:5009:51Right Time27 km
6Johna10:0410:05Right Time38 km
7Kita10:2510:26Right Time55 km
8Silli10:3710:38Right Time63 km
9Muri10:5010:55Right Time69 km
10Tulin11:0711:08Right Time74 km
11Jhalida11:1911:20Right Time81 km
12Begun Kudar11:3111:32Right Time86 km
13Kotshila11:4711:48Right Time93 km
14Garh Jaipur11:5611:57Right Time100 km
15Chas Road12:0412:05Right Time108 km
16Gourinathdham12:1112:12Right Time114 km
17Purulia Jn12:3512:55Right Time129 km
18Chharra13:0113:02Right Time136 km
19Kustaur13:0713:08Right Time141 km
20Bagalia13:1513:16Right Time149 km
21Anara13:2713:28Right Time155 km
22Garh Dhrubbeswar13:3813:39Right Time162 km
23Adra Jn14:0014:15Right Time168 km
24Metyal Sahar Ph14:2614:27Right Time176 km
25Indrabil14:3314:34Right Time182 km
26Sirjam14:4114:42Right Time190 km
27Jhantipahari14:5014:51Right Time199 km
28Chhatna14:5915:00Right Time208 km
29Anchuri P H15:0415:05Right Time211 km
30Bankura15:1515:20Right Time222 km
31Bheduasol15:2615:27Right Time229 km
32Ondagram15:3615:37Right Time238 km
33Ramsagar15:4515:46Right Time246 km
34Bishnupur15:5115:52Right Time252 km
35Piardoba16:0616:07Right Time264 km
36Bogri Road16:1416:15Right Time272 km
37Garhbeta16:2016:21Right Time277 km
38Chandrakona Rd16:3116:32Right Time289 km
39Salboni16:4216:43Right Time300 km
40Godapiasal16:5416:55Right Time312 km
41Midnapore17:1517:20Right Time324 km
42Gokulpur17:3017:31Right Time331 km
43Girimaidan17:3817:39Right Time335 km
44Kharagpur Jn17:55Right Time337 km