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58112 ITR TATA PASSGN Running status

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EExpected21:15 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Itwari21:15Right TimeYet to start
2Kalumna21:2221:24Right Time2 km
3Kamptee21:3321:35Right Time10 km
4Kanhan Jn21:4521:47Right Time15 km
5Salwa21:5221:53Right Time20 km
6Chacher21:5922:01Right Time27 km
7Tharsa22:0722:09Right Time33 km
8Rewral22:1422:16Right Time39 km
9Khat22:2422:26Right Time48 km
10Bhandara Road22:3322:35Right Time58 km
11Tumsar Road22:5523:00Right Time76 km
12Mundikota23:0723:09Right Time86 km
13Tirora23:2223:24Right Time96 km
14Kachewani23:3023:32Right Time103 km
15Gangajhari23:4023:42Right Time111 km
16Gondia Jn00:2500:35Right Time126 km
17Gudma00:4200:44Right Time138 km
18Amgaon00:5300:55Right Time148 km
19Salekasa01:0501:07Right Time163 km
20Darekasa01:2001:22Right Time174 km
21Bortalao01:2901:31Right Time182 km
22Paniajob01:4101:43Right Time191 km
23Dongargarh02:0002:10Right Time199 km
24Jatkanhar02:1302:15Right Time205 km
25Musra02:2102:23Right Time212 km
26Raj Nandgaon02:4002:45Right Time230 km
27Murhipar02:4902:51Right Time245 km
28Durg03:4503:50Right Time260 km
29Bhilainagar03:5603:57Right Time264 km
30Bhilai Power House04:0204:03Right Time269 km
31Bhilai04:0704:09Right Time273 km
32Devbaloda Charoda04:1504:16Right Time277 km
33Kumhari04:3604:38Right Time283 km
34Raipur Jn05:1505:35Right Time295 km
35Wrs H05:3805:40Right Time298 km
36Urkura05:4505:47Right Time300 km
37Mandhar05:5605:58Right Time307 km
38Silyari06:0706:09Right Time319 km
39Baikunth06:1506:17Right Time328 km
40Tilda06:2706:29Right Time333 km
41Hathbandh07:0107:03Right Time344 km
42Bhatapara07:1607:18Right Time359 km
43Nipania07:3107:33Right Time374 km
44Dagori07:4007:42Right Time382 km
45Belha07:4707:49Right Time390 km
46Chakarbhatha08:0208:04Right Time395 km
47Dadhapara08:1108:13Right Time398 km
48Bilaspur Jn08:2508:40Right Time405 km
49Gatora08:4808:50Right Time412 km
50Jairamnagar08:5809:00Right Time419 km
51Kotmi Sonar H09:0609:08Right Time426 km
52Akaltara09:1409:16Right Time436 km
53Kapan H09:2409:26Right Time445 km
54Janjgir Naila09:3209:34Right Time451 km
55Champa09:5009:55Right Time462 km
56Saragaon Road H10:0210:03Right Time471 km
57Baradwar10:0710:09Right Time478 km
58Jetha H10:1710:18Right Time484 km
59Sakti10:2310:28Right Time493 km
60Jharradih10:3910:41Right Time502 km
61Kharsia10:4610:48Right Time508 km
62Robertson10:5710:59Right Time516 km
63Bhupadeopur11:0611:08Right Time524 km
64Kirodimalnagar11:1511:17Right Time535 km
65Raigarh11:3511:40Right Time542 km
66Kotarlia11:4611:48Right Time552 km
67Jamga11:5511:57Right Time560 km
68Daghora12:0712:09Right Time572 km
69Himgir12:2212:24Right Time580 km
70Belpahar12:3912:41Right Time593 km
71Brajarajnagar13:0313:05Right Time602 km
72Ib13:1813:20Right Time605 km
73Jharsuguda Jn14:2014:40Right Time615 km
74Dhutra14:5014:51Right Time624 km
75Panpali Ph14:5814:59Right Time630 km
76Bagdihi15:0615:07Right Time636 km
77Dharuadihi15:1415:15Right Time642 km
78Bamra15:2715:28Right Time652 km
79Tangarmunda Bh15:4015:41Right Time660 km
80Garpos15:5015:51Right Time668 km
81Sogora15:5715:58Right Time673 km
82Sonakhan16:0716:08Right Time679 km
83Rajgangpur16:1716:18Right Time686 km
84Kansbahal16:2916:30Right Time696 km
85Kalunga16:3816:39Right Time703 km
86Panposh16:4916:50Right Time710 km
87Rourkela17:3518:15Right Time716 km
88K Cabin18:2418:25Right Time718 km
89Bondamunda Jn18:3218:33Right Time720 km
90Bisra18:4418:45Right Time729 km
91Bhalulata18:5218:53Right Time736 km
92Jaraikela19:0119:02Right Time743 km
93Manoharpur19:1819:19Right Time754 km
94Posoita19:3519:36Right Time765 km
95Derowan P H19:4419:45Right Time772 km
96Mahadevasal Ph19:5519:56Right Time777 km
97Goilkera20:0220:03Right Time782 km
98Tunia20:1120:12Right Time789 km
99Sonua20:2120:22Right Time795 km
100Lotapahar20:3420:35Right Time806 km
101Chakradharpur21:1521:25Right Time816 km
102Barabambo21:3721:38Right Time826 km
103Rajkharsawan Jn21:4921:50Right Time836 km
104Mahali Marup21:5922:00Right Time843 km
105Sini Jn22:1122:12Right Time851 km
106Birbans22:2122:22Right Time858 km
107Gamharia22:3922:40Right Time867 km
108Adityapur22:5422:55Right Time873 km
109Tatanagar Jn00:05Right Time878 km