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58113 TATA BSP PASS Running status

Departure17:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 2:15
1Tatanagar Jn17:45Right TimeYet to start
2Adityapur17:5417:55Right Time4 km
3Gamharia18:0218:03Right Time11 km
4Sini Jn18:1818:19Right Time27 km
5Mahali Marup18:2818:29Right Time35 km
6Rajkharsawan Jn18:3718:38Right Time42 km
7Barabambo18:4818:49Right Time52 km
8Chakradharpur19:0619:16Right Time62 km
9Lotapahar19:2719:28Right Time72 km
10Sonua19:3919:40Right Time83 km
11Tunia19:4619:47Right Time89 km
12Goilkera19:5519:56Right Time96 km
13Mahadevasal Ph20:0320:04Right Time101 km
14Derowan P H20:1320:14Right Time106 km
15Posoita20:2320:24Right Time112 km
16Manoharpur20:4520:46Right Time123 km
17Jaraikela20:5820:59Right Time135 km
18Bhalulata21:0721:08Right Time142 km
19Bisra21:1721:18Right Time149 km
20Bondamunda Jn21:2721:28Right Time158 km
21K Cabin21:3421:35Right Time160 km
22Rourkela21:4221:57Right Time162 km
23Panposh22:0922:10Right Time168 km
24Kalunga22:1922:20Right Time175 km
25Kansbahal22:2722:28Right Time182 km
26Rajgangpur22:4122:42Right Time192 km
27Sonakhan22:5122:52Right Time199 km
28Sogora23:0123:02Right Time205 km
29Garpos23:2423:25Right Time210 km
30Tangarmunda Bh23:3723:38Right Time218 km
31Bamra00:0000:01Right Time226 km
32Dharuadihi00:1400:15Right Time236 km
33Bagdihi00:2400:25Right Time242 km
34Panpali Ph00:3900:40Right Time248 km
35Dhutra00:5400:55Right Time254 km
36Jharsuguda Jn01:4302:30Right Time263 km
37Ib02:3502:37Right Time273 km
38Brajarajnagar02:4002:42Right Time276 km
39Belpahar02:4902:51Right Time285 km
40Himgir03:0303:04Right Time298 km
41Daghora03:1103:12Right Time306 km
42Jamga03:2203:23Right Time318 km
43Kotarlia03:3003:31Right Time326 km
44Raigarh03:4203:52Right Time336 km
45Kirodimalnagar03:5904:00Right Time343 km
46Bhupadeopur04:0704:08Right Time354 km
47Robertson04:1504:16Right Time362 km
48Kharsia04:2304:25Right Time370 km
49Jharradih04:3204:33Right Time376 km
50Sakti04:3804:43Right Time385 km
51Baradwar04:5604:58Right Time400 km
52Saragaon Road H05:0505:06Right Time409 km
53Champa05:2205:27Right Time418 km
54Janjgir Naila05:3505:37Right Time429 km
55Kapan H05:4305:45Right Time435 km
56Akaltara05:5205:54Right Time444 km
57Kotmi Sonar H06:0006:02Right Time450 km
58Jairamnagar06:0806:10Right Time457 km
59Gatora06:3006:32Right Time464 km
60Bilaspur Jn06:55Right Time471 km