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58114 BSP TATA PASS Running status

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Bilaspur Jn-BSP
EExpected19:20 23 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bilaspur Jn19:20Right TimeYet to start
2Gatora19:3319:34Right Time6 km
3Jairamnagar19:4219:44Right Time13 km
4Kotmi Sonar H19:5119:53Right Time20 km
5Akaltara19:5820:00Right Time26 km
6Kapan H20:0920:10Right Time35 km
7Janjgir Naila20:1620:18Right Time41 km
8Champa20:2920:34Right Time52 km
9Saragaon Road H20:4120:42Right Time61 km
10Baradwar20:4620:48Right Time68 km
11Sakti20:5821:00Right Time82 km
12Jharradih21:1121:13Right Time92 km
13Kharsia21:1721:19Right Time98 km
14Robertson21:2621:28Right Time106 km
15Bhupadeopur21:3521:37Right Time114 km
16Kirodimalnagar21:4921:51Right Time125 km
17Raigarh22:0222:07Right Time131 km
18Kotarlia22:1322:15Right Time142 km
19Jamga22:2222:24Right Time150 km
20Daghora22:3422:36Right Time162 km
21Himgir22:4322:45Right Time169 km
22Belpahar22:5522:57Right Time183 km
23Brajarajnagar23:1523:17Right Time192 km
24Ib23:2423:26Right Time194 km
25Jharsuguda Jn00:1500:40Right Time205 km
26Dhutra00:5000:51Right Time214 km
27Panpali Ph00:5800:59Right Time219 km
28Bagdihi01:0601:07Right Time226 km
29Dharuadihi01:1401:15Right Time232 km
30Bamra01:2501:26Right Time241 km
31Tangarmunda Bh01:3801:39Right Time250 km
32Garpos01:4701:48Right Time258 km
33Sogora01:5401:55Right Time262 km
34Sonakhan02:0402:05Right Time269 km
35Rajgangpur02:1302:14Right Time276 km
36Kansbahal02:2402:25Right Time286 km
37Kalunga02:3402:35Right Time293 km
38Panposh02:4402:45Right Time300 km
39Rourkela02:5403:24Right Time306 km
40K Cabin03:3503:36Right Time308 km
41Bondamunda Jn03:4103:42Right Time309 km
42Bisra03:5203:53Right Time318 km
43Bhalulata04:0004:01Right Time325 km
44Jaraikela04:1004:11Right Time333 km
45Manoharpur04:2504:26Right Time344 km
46Posoita04:4304:44Right Time355 km
47Derowan P H04:5304:54Right Time362 km
48Mahadevasal Ph05:0505:06Right Time367 km
49Goilkera05:1205:13Right Time372 km
50Tunia05:2205:23Right Time379 km
51Sonua05:3205:33Right Time384 km
52Lotapahar05:4705:48Right Time396 km
53Chakradharpur06:1006:55Right Time405 km
54Barabambo07:0907:10Right Time416 km
55Rajkharsawan Jn07:1907:20Right Time426 km
56Mahali Marup07:3407:35Right Time433 km
57Sini Jn07:4507:46Right Time441 km
58Birbans07:5507:56Right Time448 km
59Gamharia08:1408:15Right Time457 km
60Adityapur08:2908:30Right Time463 km
61Tatanagar Jn09:50Right Time468 km