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58213 TIG BSP PASS Running status

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EExpected08:30 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Titlagarh08:30Right TimeYet to start
2Sikir08:4208:44Right Time10 km
3Badmal08:5508:57Right Time20 km
4Saintala09:0809:10Right Time28 km
5Deogan Road09:2509:27Right Time46 km
6Balangir09:5009:55Right Time63 km
7Balangir Road10:0010:02Right Time65 km
8Loisingha10:2010:22Right Time82 km
9Khaliapali10:3510:37Right Time93 km
10Dungripali10:5510:57Right Time105 km
11Barpali11:1511:17Right Time120 km
12Bargarh Road11:3511:40Right Time139 km
13DOBH11:5011:51Right Time151 km
14Attabira11:5812:00Right Time157 km
15Godbhaga12:1312:15Right Time164 km
16Hirakud12:3012:32Right Time174 km
17Sambalpur14:0014:10Right Time181 km
18Sambalpur Road14:1514:17Right Time183 km
19Sarla Jn14:2314:25Right Time188 km
20Sason14:3314:35Right Time195 km
21Rengali14:4514:47Right Time204 km
22Lapanga14:5514:57Right Time214 km
23Brundamal15:0815:10Right Time223 km
24Jharsuguda Road16:4516:50Right Time228 km
25Ib17:3717:38Right Time240 km
26Brajarajnagar17:4017:42Right Time243 km
27Belpahar17:4917:51Right Time252 km
28Himgir18:0218:03Right Time265 km
29Daghora18:1018:11Right Time272 km
30Jamga18:2018:21Right Time284 km
31Kotarlia18:2818:29Right Time293 km
32Raigarh18:4018:45Right Time303 km
33Kirodimalnagar18:5218:53Right Time310 km
34Bhupadeopur19:0019:01Right Time320 km
35Robertson19:0819:09Right Time328 km
36Kharsia19:1719:19Right Time337 km
37Jharradih19:2519:26Right Time342 km
38Sakti19:3019:35Right Time352 km
39Jetha H19:4519:46Right Time360 km
40Baradwar19:5219:53Right Time366 km
41Saragaon Road H20:0120:02Right Time373 km
42Champa20:2620:31Right Time382 km
43Janjgir Naila20:3920:41Right Time393 km
44Kapan H20:4820:49Right Time399 km
45Akaltara20:5520:57Right Time408 km
46Kotmi Sonar H21:0321:04Right Time414 km
47Jairamnagar21:1021:11Right Time421 km
48Gatora21:2221:24Right Time428 km
49Bilaspur Jn21:50Right Time435 km