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58219 BSP CHRM PASS Running status

Departure23:00 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated14 Nov 2018 10:15
1Bilaspur Jn23:00Right TimeYet to start
2Usalapur23:1523:17Right Time8 km
3Ghutku23:2123:23Right Time16 km
4Kalmitar23:3023:32Right Time24 km
5Kargi Road23:4023:42Right Time32 km
6Salka Road23:5023:52Right Time40 km
7Belgahna00:0100:03Right Time47 km
8Tenganmada00:1100:13Right Time57 km
9Khongsara00:2100:23Right Time66 km
10Bhanwar Tonk00:3800:40Right Time78 km
11Khodri00:5500:57Right Time89 km
12Sarbahara01:0501:07Right Time96 km
13Pendra Road01:2501:30Right Time101 km
14Harri01:3501:37Right Time109 km
15Venkatnagar01:4501:47Right Time120 km
16Nigaura01:5401:56Right Time127 km
17Jaithari02:0402:06Right Time137 km
18Chhulha02:1302:15Right Time146 km
19Anuppur Jn03:2503:45Right Time151 km
20Mauhari04:0504:07Right Time159 km
21Dhurwasin H04:1504:16Right Time167 km
22Harrad04:2204:24Right Time173 km
23Kotma04:3304:35Right Time182 km
24Baihatola04:4804:50Right Time192 km
25Bijuri05:1505:40Right Time198 km
26Boridand Jn05:5205:54Right Time208 km
27Manendragarh06:3006:40Right Time215 km
28Paradol06:5807:00Right Time226 km
29Chirmiri07:50Right Time237 km