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58221 CHRM CHD PGR Running status

Arrival11:10 Right Time
Departure11:15 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Chirmiri08:30Right TimeYet to start
2Paradol08:4908:50Right Time11 km
3Manendragarh09:1009:15Right Time22 km
4Boridand Jn09:3409:35Right Time29 km
5Bijuri09:5510:05Right Time39 km
6Baihatola10:1110:12Right Time45 km
7Kotma10:2010:21Right Time55 km
8Harrad10:3010:31Right Time64 km
9Dhurwasin H10:3710:38Right Time71 km
10Mauhari10:4510:46Right Time79 km
11Anuppur Jn11:1011:15Right Time86 km
12Amlai11:2511:27Right Time99 km
13Burhar11:3511:37Right Time108 km
14Shahdol12:0012:05Right Time127 km
15Bhadwabara12:1612:18Right Time136 km
16Birsinghpur12:4312:45Right Time164 km
17Nowrozabad12:5212:54Right Time171 km
18Karkeli13:0313:05Right Time182 km
19Umaria13:2613:28Right Time194 km
20Chandia Road13:55Right Time213 km