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58417 PURI GNPR PASS Running status

Departure07:35 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Aug 2018 2:15
1Puri07:35Right TimeYet to start
2Malatipatpur07:4707:48Right Time7 km
3Jankideipur Ph07:5307:54Right Time10 km
4Sakhi Gopal07:5908:00Right Time16 km
5Birpurusothampur08:0608:07Right Time22 km
6Jenapur Road Ph08:1208:13Right Time25 km
7Delang08:1708:18Right Time28 km
8Kanas Road08:2408:25Right Time33 km
9Motari H08:3008:31Right Time36 km
10Haripurgram Ph08:3908:40Right Time41 km
11Khurda Road Jn08:5509:20Right Time44 km
12Argul Ph09:2709:28Right Time49 km
13Kaipadar Road09:3309:34Right Time53 km
14Dhaulimuhan09:3909:40Right Time58 km
15Tapang09:4509:46Right Time62 km
16Golabai Ph09:5109:52Right Time66 km
17Nirakarpur09:5709:58Right Time70 km
18Bhusandpur10:0410:05Right Time77 km
19Mukteswarpuri Ph10:1110:12Right Time83 km
20Kalupara Ghat10:1810:19Right Time87 km
21Kuhuri10:2610:27Right Time94 km
22Gangadharpur10:3810:39Right Time102 km
23Solari10:4810:49Right Time107 km
24Balugaon11:0011:05Right Time115 km
25Chilka11:1311:14Right Time122 km
26Kalijai Ph11:2011:21Right Time127 km
27Khallikot11:2611:27Right Time132 km
28Rambha11:3911:40Right Time143 km
29Humma11:4911:50Right Time154 km
30Ganjam12:0212:03Right Time160 km
31Chatrapur Court Ph12:0912:10Right Time168 km
32Chatrapur12:1512:20Right Time169 km
33Jagannathapur12:2912:30Right Time182 km
34Brahmapur12:4012:45Right Time191 km
35Golanthra12:5412:55Right Time201 km
36Surla Road13:0113:02Right Time206 km
37Ichchapuram13:1113:12Right Time215 km
38Jhadupudi13:2013:21Right Time227 km
39Sompeta13:2713:28Right Time233 km
40Baruva13:3713:38Right Time242 km
41Mandasa Road13:4413:45Right Time252 km
42Summadevi14:5915:00Right Time258 km
43Palasa15:2516:45Right Time265 km
44Pundi16:5616:58Right Time277 km
45Routhpuram Ph17:0417:05Right Time283 km
46Naupada Jn17:2017:22Right Time290 km
47Tekkali Ph17:3217:33Right Time297 km
48Peddasana17:4317:44Right Time302 km
49Temburu17:5918:00Right Time311 km
50Ganguwada18:0718:08Right Time315 km
51Patapatnam18:2318:24Right Time324 km
52Parlakimidi18:4018:42Right Time329 km
53Sitapuram Ph19:0019:01Right Time342 km
54Hadobhangi Ph19:1119:12Right Time346 km
55Kashinagar Ph19:2719:28Right Time355 km
56Lihuri Ph19:4019:41Right Time362 km
57Bansadhara Ph19:5319:54Right Time368 km
58Palasingi20:0520:06Right Time374 km
59Gunupur20:40Right Time380 km