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58525 PSA VSKP PASS Running status

Arrival10:50 Right Time
Departure10:51 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Jan 2019 2:15
1Palasa08:45Right TimeYet to start
2Pundi08:5608:58Right Time12 km
3Routhpuram Ph09:0409:05Right Time19 km
4Naupada Jn09:1309:15Right Time26 km
5Dandu Gopalapurarm Halt09:2009:21Right Time31 km
6Kotabommali09:2809:30Right Time39 km
7Harishchandrapuram Ph09:3709:38Right Time48 km
8Tilaru09:4509:47Right Time53 km
9Urlam09:5609:58Right Time63 km
10Srikakulam Road10:0810:13Right Time73 km
11Dusi10:1910:21Right Time79 km
12Ponduru10:2910:31Right Time88 km
13Sigadam10:4110:43Right Time98 km
14Batuva Ph10:5010:51Right Time107 km
15Chipurupalli11:0811:10Right Time111 km
16Garividi11:1711:19Right Time118 km
17Nellimarla11:3111:33Right Time130 km
18Vizianagram Jn11:5011:55Right Time142 km
19Korukonda12:0612:08Right Time153 km
20Alamanda12:1512:17Right Time160 km
21Kantakapalle12:2612:28Right Time169 km
22Kottavalasa12:3712:39Right Time177 km
23Pendurti12:4712:49Right Time186 km
24Simhachalam North13:1513:16Right Time194 km
25Simhachalam13:2013:22Right Time195 km
26Marripalem Ph13:2813:29Right Time198 km
27Visakhapatnam14:50Right Time203 km