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58527 R VSKP PASS Running status

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Raipur Jn-R
EExpected05:30 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:18
Yet to start
1Raipur Jn05:30Right TimeYet to start
2Raipur R V Block Hut05:3905:41Right Time3 km
3Mandir Hasaud06:0006:02Right Time16 km
4Lakholi06:3106:33Right Time28 km
5Arang Mahanadi06:4306:45Right Time35 km
6Belsonda06:5306:55Right Time44 km
7Mahasamund07:0207:07Right Time53 km
8Arand07:1407:16Right Time61 km
9Bhimkhoj07:2607:28Right Time73 km
10Bagbahra07:4507:50Right Time84 km
11Komakhan07:5507:57Right Time94 km
12Khariar Road08:1008:15Right Time105 km
13Nawapara Road08:2508:27Right Time116 km
14Lakhna08:3808:40Right Time130 km
15Harishanker Road08:5208:54Right Time146 km
16Turekala Road09:0209:04Right Time155 km
17Kantabanji09:1509:25Right Time169 km
18Muribahal09:4009:42Right Time184 km
19Rahenbhata09:5209:54Right Time195 km
20Titlagarh10:3510:45Right Time202 km
21Kesinga11:0011:05Right Time215 km
22Kandel Road11:1311:15Right Time224 km
23Rupra Road11:2211:27Right Time231 km
24Norla Road11:3511:37Right Time238 km
25Lanjigarh Road11:4811:50Right Time249 km
26Ambodala12:0512:10Right Time263 km
27Doikallu12:2012:22Right Time275 km
28Muniguda12:3512:40Right Time288 km
29Bissamcuttack13:3513:37Right Time305 km
30Therubali14:1014:12Right Time323 km
31Singapuram Road15:5015:52Right Time333 km
32Rayagada16:0516:20Right Time342 km
33Ladda16:2916:31Right Time350 km
34Jimidipeta16:3816:40Right Time357 km
35Kuneru16:4816:50Right Time366 km
36Gumada16:5817:00Right Time375 km
37Parvatipuram Town17:1117:13Right Time387 km
38Parvatipuram17:1817:23Right Time388 km
39Narsipuram Halt17:2817:29Right Time393 km
40Sitanagarm17:3617:38Right Time401 km
41Bobbili Jn17:5217:57Right Time412 km
42Donkinavalasa18:0918:11Right Time424 km
43Komatipalli18:2018:22Right Time434 km
44Gajapatinagararm18:3118:33Right Time444 km
45Garudabilli18:4218:44Right Time454 km
46Gotlam18:5018:52Right Time460 km
47Vizianagram Jn19:0019:10Right Time466 km
48Korukonda19:2019:22Right Time476 km
49Alamanda19:2819:30Right Time484 km
50Kantakapalle19:3819:40Right Time493 km
51Kottavalasa19:4819:50Right Time501 km
52Pendurti19:5820:00Right Time509 km
53Simhachalam North20:0820:09Right Time517 km
54Simhachalam20:1220:14Right Time519 km
55Marripalem Ph20:2020:21Right Time522 km
56Visakhapatnam21:35Right Time527 km