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58529 DURG VSKP PGR Running status

Train is not in operation currently
Departure18:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated13 Dec 2018 10:15
1Durg18:30Right TimeYet to start
2Bhilainagar18:3618:37Right Time4 km
3Bhilai Power House18:4218:43Right Time8 km
4Bhilai18:4818:49Right Time12 km
5Devbaloda Charoda18:5418:55Right Time15 km
6D Cabin18:5818:59Right Time18 km
7Cabin19:0319:04Right Time22 km
8Kumhari19:1019:11Right Time24 km
9Sarona19:1719:18Right Time31 km
10Saraswati Nagar H19:2319:24Right Time35 km
11Raipur Jn20:0520:15Right Time37 km
12Raipur R V Block Hut20:2420:26Right Time40 km
13Mandir Hasaud20:4020:41Right Time53 km
14Lakholi20:5620:58Right Time65 km
15Arang Mahanadi21:0821:10Right Time72 km
16Belsonda21:2021:22Right Time81 km
17Mahasamund21:3521:40Right Time90 km
18Arand22:0522:07Right Time98 km
19Bhimkhoj22:2322:25Right Time110 km
20Bagbahra22:4022:45Right Time121 km
21Komakhan22:5522:57Right Time131 km
22Khariar Road23:1523:20Right Time142 km
23Nawapara Road23:3523:37Right Time153 km
24Lakhna23:5323:55Right Time167 km
25Harishanker Road00:1000:15Right Time183 km
26Turekala Road00:3000:32Right Time192 km
27Kantabanji01:0001:10Right Time206 km
28Muribahal01:2301:25Right Time221 km
29Rahenbhata01:3501:37Right Time232 km
30Titlagarh01:5502:05Right Time239 km
31Kesinga02:2002:25Right Time252 km
32Kandel Road02:3302:35Right Time261 km
33Rupra Road02:4502:50Right Time268 km
34Norla Road02:5803:00Right Time275 km
35Lanjigarh Road03:1303:15Right Time286 km
36Ambodala03:4003:45Right Time300 km
37Doikallu04:0504:07Right Time312 km
38Muniguda04:2004:25Right Time325 km
39Bissamcuttack04:4004:42Right Time342 km
40Therubali05:4505:47Right Time360 km
41Singapuram Road06:3006:32Right Time370 km
42Rayagada06:4506:55Right Time379 km
43Ladda07:0407:06Right Time387 km
44Jimidipeta07:1307:15Right Time394 km
45Kuneru07:2307:25Right Time403 km
46Gumada07:3307:35Right Time412 km
47Parvatipuram Town07:4607:48Right Time424 km
48Parvatipuram07:5508:00Right Time425 km
49Narsipuram Halt08:0508:06Right Time430 km
50Sitanagarm08:1308:15Right Time438 km
51Bobbili Jn08:3008:35Right Time450 km
52Donkinavalasa08:4808:50Right Time462 km
53Komatipalli09:0009:02Right Time471 km
54Gajapatinagararm09:1209:14Right Time481 km
55Garudabilli09:2409:26Right Time491 km
56Gotlam09:3309:35Right Time497 km
57Vizianagram Jn09:5510:05Right Time503 km
58Korukonda10:1510:17Right Time514 km
59Alamanda10:2410:26Right Time521 km
60Kantakapalle10:3410:36Right Time530 km
61Kottavalasa10:4510:47Right Time538 km
62Pendurti10:5610:58Right Time547 km
63Simhachalam North11:0711:08Right Time554 km
64Simhachalam11:1211:14Right Time556 km
65Marripalem Ph11:2011:21Right Time559 km
66Visakhapatnam12:00Right Time564 km