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58530 VSKP DURG PAS Running status

Departure21:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jul 2018 2:15
1Visakhapatnam21:40Right TimeYet to start
2Marripalem Ph21:5121:52Right Time5 km
3Simhachalam21:5822:00Right Time8 km
4Simhachalam North22:0322:04Right Time9 km
5Pendurti22:1122:13Right Time17 km
6Kottavalasa22:2222:24Right Time26 km
7Kantakapalle22:3222:34Right Time34 km
8Alamanda22:4122:43Right Time43 km
9Korukonda22:5122:53Right Time50 km
10Vizianagram Jn23:1023:25Right Time61 km
11Gotlam23:3423:36Right Time66 km
12Garudabilli23:4223:44Right Time72 km
13Gajapatinagararm23:5423:56Right Time83 km
14Komatipalli00:0400:06Right Time92 km
15Donkinavalasa00:1400:16Right Time102 km
16Bobbili Jn00:3200:37Right Time114 km
17Sitanagarm00:4800:50Right Time125 km
18Narsipuram Halt00:5700:58Right Time134 km
19Parvatipuram01:1001:15Right Time138 km
20Parvatipuram Town01:1801:20Right Time140 km
21Gumada01:3201:34Right Time152 km
22Kuneru01:4401:46Right Time161 km
23Jimidipeta01:5301:55Right Time170 km
24Ladda02:0402:06Right Time177 km
25Rayagada02:2002:35Right Time185 km
26Singapuram Road02:5002:52Right Time194 km
27Therubali03:0003:02Right Time203 km
28Bissamcuttack03:2203:24Right Time222 km
29Muniguda03:4003:45Right Time239 km
30Doikallu03:5503:57Right Time252 km
31Ambodala04:1004:15Right Time264 km
32Lanjigarh Road04:3004:32Right Time277 km
33Norla Road04:4304:45Right Time289 km
34Rupra Road05:0305:05Right Time295 km
35Kandel Road05:1505:17Right Time303 km
36Kesinga05:3005:35Right Time311 km
37Titlagarh06:2006:30Right Time324 km
38Rahenbhata06:4006:42Right Time332 km
39Muribahal06:5206:54Right Time343 km
40Kantabanji07:1507:25Right Time358 km
41Turekala Road07:3507:37Right Time372 km
42Harishanker Road07:4507:47Right Time381 km
43Lakhna07:5808:00Right Time397 km
44Nawapara Road08:1308:15Right Time411 km
45Khariar Road08:2508:30Right Time422 km
46Komakhan08:4008:42Right Time432 km
47Bagbahra08:5208:57Right Time443 km
48Bhimkhoj09:1209:14Right Time454 km
49Arand09:3009:32Right Time466 km
50Mahasamund09:4509:50Right Time474 km
51Belsonda10:0010:02Right Time482 km
52Arang Mahanadi10:1010:12Right Time491 km
53Lakholi11:1011:12Right Time499 km
54Mandir Hasaud11:2011:23Right Time511 km
55Raipur Jn11:4811:50Right Time527 km
56Sarona12:0612:08Right Time533 km
57Kumhari12:1212:14Right Time540 km
58Devbaloda Charoda12:2312:25Right Time544 km
59Bhilai12:2812:30Right Time550 km
60Bhilai Power House12:3412:36Right Time555 km
61Bhilainagar12:4812:50Right Time560 km
62Durg13:25Right Time564 km