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58532 VSKP PSA PASS Running status

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EExpected18:35 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Visakhapatnam18:35Right TimeYet to start
2Marripalem Ph18:4618:47Right Time4 km
3Simhachalam18:5418:55Right Time7 km
4Simhachalam North18:5818:59Right Time9 km
5Pendurti19:0619:07Right Time17 km
6Kottavalasa19:1519:16Right Time26 km
7Kantakapalle19:2419:25Right Time33 km
8Alamanda19:3319:34Right Time43 km
9Korukonda19:4019:41Right Time50 km
10Vizianagram Jn20:0020:05Right Time60 km
11Nellimarla20:1720:18Right Time72 km
12Garividi20:2820:29Right Time84 km
13Chipurupalli20:3520:36Right Time91 km
14Batuva Ph20:4120:42Right Time95 km
15Sigadam20:4820:49Right Time104 km
16Ponduru20:5820:59Right Time114 km
17Dusi21:0721:08Right Time123 km
18Srikakulam Road21:2021:25Right Time130 km
19Urlam21:3521:36Right Time140 km
20Tilaru21:4521:46Right Time149 km
21Harishchandrapuram Ph21:5221:53Right Time155 km
22Kotabommali22:0222:03Right Time163 km
23Dandu Gopalapurarm Halt22:0922:10Right Time171 km
24Naupada Jn22:1922:20Right Time177 km
25Routhpuram Ph22:2622:27Right Time184 km
26Pundi22:3422:35Right Time190 km
27Palasa23:30Right Time202 km