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58533 CTC PSA PASS Running status

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EExpected16:15 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Cuttack16:15Right TimeYet to start
2Kathajori Ph16:2016:21Right Time1 km
3Gopalpur Balikuda16:2816:30Right Time4 km
4Barang16:3816:39Right Time11 km
5Patia Ph16:4816:49Right Time17 km
6Mancheswar16:5716:58Right Time20 km
7Vanivihar Ph17:0217:03Right Time24 km
8Bhubaneswar17:1017:15Right Time27 km
9Lingaraj Temple Road Ph17:2117:22Right Time32 km
10Retang17:3117:32Right Time39 km
11Khurda Road Jn17:4517:50Right Time46 km
12Argul Ph17:5617:57Right Time51 km
13Kaipadar Road18:0318:04Right Time55 km
14Dhaulimuhan18:0918:10Right Time60 km
15Tapang18:1518:16Right Time64 km
16Golabai Ph18:1918:20Right Time68 km
17Nirakarpur18:2518:26Right Time72 km
18Bhusandpur18:3218:33Right Time79 km
19Mukteswarpuri Ph18:3818:39Right Time85 km
20Kalupara Ghat18:4418:45Right Time89 km
21Kuhuri18:5118:52Right Time96 km
22Gangadharpur18:5919:00Right Time104 km
23Solari19:0519:06Right Time109 km
24Balugaon19:1519:20Right Time117 km
25Chilka19:2619:27Right Time124 km
26Kalijai Ph19:3219:33Right Time129 km
27Khallikot19:3819:39Right Time134 km
28Rambha19:4819:49Right Time145 km
29Humma19:5819:59Right Time156 km
30Ganjam20:0420:05Right Time163 km
31Chatrapur Court Ph20:1320:14Right Time170 km
32Chatrapur20:1920:20Right Time171 km
33Jagannathapur20:2920:30Right Time184 km
34Brahmapur20:4020:45Right Time193 km
35Golanthra20:5420:55Right Time203 km
36Surla Road21:0121:02Right Time208 km
37Ichchapuram21:1221:13Right Time217 km
38Jhadupudi21:2221:23Right Time229 km
39Sompeta21:3121:32Right Time235 km
40Baruva21:4021:41Right Time244 km
41Mandasa Road21:4821:49Right Time254 km
42Summadevi21:5521:56Right Time260 km
43Palasa23:40Right Time267 km