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58661 TATA HTE PASS Running status

Departure11:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Oct 2018 2:15
1Tatanagar Jn11:30Right TimeYet to start
2Adityapur11:3811:39Right Time4 km
3Gamharia11:4911:50Right Time11 km
4Birarajpur11:5912:00Right Time16 km
5Kandra12:1212:13Right Time22 km
6Kunki12:1912:20Right Time25 km
7Manikul12:2812:29Right Time30 km
8Chandil Jn12:5012:52Right Time36 km
9Nimdih12:5913:00Right Time45 km
10Biramdih13:0713:08Right Time54 km
11Barabhum13:1413:15Right Time59 km
12Urma13:2613:27Right Time67 km
13Kantadih13:3413:35Right Time75 km
14Tamna13:4213:43Right Time83 km
15Purulia Jn13:5514:00Right Time90 km
16Gourinathdham14:1614:17Right Time105 km
17Garh Jaipur14:2814:29Right Time119 km
18Kotshila14:4614:48Right Time126 km
19Jhalida14:5915:00Right Time138 km
20Tulin15:1015:11Right Time146 km
21Muri15:2715:32Right Time150 km
22Silli15:4215:43Right Time157 km
23Kita15:5415:55Right Time165 km
24Gautamdhara16:1416:15Right Time180 km
25Gangaghat16:3416:35Right Time195 km
26Tatisilwai16:4916:50Right Time205 km
27Namkon17:0117:02Right Time211 km
28Ranchi17:1517:20Right Time215 km
29Hatia17:45Right Time222 km