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59046 BL BDTS PASS Running status

Departure16:30 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated12 Nov 2018 10:15
1Valsad16:30Right TimeYet to start
2Atul16:3816:39Right Time7 km
3Pardi16:4316:44Right Time10 km
4Udvada16:5016:51Right Time16 km
5Vapi16:5917:01Right Time24 km
6Karambeli17:0917:10Right Time32 km
7Bhilad17:1617:17Right Time37 km
8Sanjan17:2717:28Right Time49 km
9Umargam Road17:3417:35Right Time54 km
10Bordi Road17:4117:42Right Time59 km
11Gholwad17:4817:52Right Time63 km
12Dahanu Road18:1618:18Right Time74 km
13Vangaon18:3018:31Right Time87 km
14Boisar18:3818:40Right Time95 km
15Palghar18:5018:52Right Time107 km
16Kelve Road19:0119:02Right Time116 km
17Saphale19:1019:11Right Time121 km
18Vaitarna19:2119:22Right Time130 km
19Virar19:3819:40Right Time138 km
20Vasai Road19:4919:51Right Time146 km
21Borivali20:1120:13Right Time164 km
22Andheri20:4120:43Right Time176 km
23Bandra Terminus21:10Right Time183 km