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59049 BL VG PASS Running status

Departure06:05 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated23 Sep 2018 2:15
1Valsad06:05Right TimeYet to start
2Dungri06:1506:16Right Time9 km
3Joravasan06:2206:23Right Time14 km
4Bilimora Jn06:2806:29Right Time18 km
5Amalsad06:3506:36Right Time24 km
6Ancheli06:4206:43Right Time27 km
7Vedchha06:4806:49Right Time31 km
8Navsari06:5907:00Right Time39 km
9Maroli07:0907:10Right Time47 km
10Sachin07:1707:18Right Time54 km
11Bhestan07:2407:25Right Time59 km
12Udhna Jn07:3507:37Right Time65 km
13Surat07:5508:00Right Time69 km
14Utran08:0608:07Right Time72 km
15Kosad08:1208:13Right Time75 km
16Gothangam08:1908:20Right Time79 km
17Sayan08:2608:27Right Time82 km
18Kim08:4408:46Right Time92 km
19Kosamba Jn08:5508:57Right Time100 km
20Hathuran09:0209:04Right Time104 km
21Panoli09:1009:11Right Time108 km
22Ankleshwar Jn09:2809:30Right Time118 km
23Bharuch Jn09:4009:45Right Time127 km
24Chavaj09:5709:58Right Time133 km
25Nabipur10:0510:06Right Time139 km
26Varediya10:1610:17Right Time146 km
27Palej10:2310:25Right Time153 km
28Lakodra10:3410:35Right Time160 km
29Miyagam Karjan Jn10:4710:48Right Time168 km
30Kashipura Sarar10:5510:56Right Time176 km
31Itola11:0611:07Right Time179 km
32Varnama11:1811:19Right Time183 km
33Makarpura11:2611:27Right Time189 km
34Vishvamitri Jn11:4311:44Right Time195 km
35Vadodara Jn12:0012:15Right Time197 km
36Bajva12:3512:36Right Time205 km
37Ranoli13:0113:02Right Time210 km
38Nandesari13:0813:09Right Time213 km
39Vasad Jn13:1613:17Right Time218 km
40Adas Road13:2713:28Right Time223 km
41Vadod13:3613:37Right Time227 km
42Anand Jn13:5015:10Right Time233 km
43Kanjari Boriyavi15:1915:20Right Time241 km
44Utarsanda15:2815:29Right Time246 km
45Nadiad Jn15:3715:38Right Time252 km
46Gothaj15:5215:53Right Time261 km
47Mahemadavad Kheda Road16:0216:03Right Time269 km
48Nenpur16:0916:10Right Time273 km
49Kanij16:1916:20Right Time276 km
50Barejadi Nandej16:3316:34Right Time281 km
51Geratpur16:5016:52Right Time284 km
52Vatva16:5616:58Right Time289 km
53Maninagar17:0417:06Right Time294 km
54Ahmedabad Jn17:5518:30Right Time297 km
55Sabarmati Jn18:4118:43Right Time303 km
56Chandlodiya18:5118:53Right Time308 km
57Ambli Road18:5819:00Right Time314 km
58Sanand19:1119:13Right Time326 km
59Chharodi19:2519:27Right Time337 km
60Virochannagar19:3319:34Right Time344 km
61Jakhvada19:4119:43Right Time351 km
62Viramgam Jn20:10Right Time363 km