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59076 BSL ST BCT PASS Running status

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Bhusaval Jn-BSL
EExpected08:45 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bhusaval Jn08:45Right TimeYet to start
2Bhadli08:5809:00Right Time12 km
3Jalgaon Jn09:2509:30Right Time24 km
4Paldhi09:4309:45Right Time35 km
5Chavalkhede09:5810:00Right Time47 km
6Dharangaon10:1010:12Right Time54 km
7Bhone10:2110:22Right Time61 km
8Takarkheda10:2910:31Right Time68 km
9Amalner10:5310:55Right Time79 km
10Bhortex11:0711:09Right Time87 km
11Padse11:1811:20Right Time95 km
12Betavad11:2811:29Right Time100 km
13Nardana11:3611:38Right Time107 km
14Hol11:4611:47Right Time113 km
15Sindkheda11:5511:57Right Time120 km
16Sonshelu12:0712:08Right Time126 km
17Vikhran Road12:1412:16Right Time132 km
18Dondaicha12:3112:33Right Time140 km
19Ranala12:4012:48Right Time152 km
20Tisi13:0513:07Right Time161 km
21Chaupale13:1813:19Right Time170 km
22Nandurbar13:3514:30Right Time174 km
23Dhekvad14:3914:41Right Time183 km
24Khandbara14:5815:00Right Time197 km
25Khatgaon15:1015:12Right Time205 km
26Chinchpada15:2315:25Right Time215 km
27Kolde15:3315:35Right Time222 km
28Navapur15:5115:53Right Time232 km
29Bhadbhunja16:0516:07Right Time243 km
30Lakkadkot16:1916:21Right Time248 km
31Ukai Songadh16:3316:35Right Time255 km
32Dosvada16:4316:44Right Time260 km
33Kikakui Road16:5316:55Right Time262 km
34Vyara17:3717:40Right Time274 km
35Kaher17:5217:53Right Time283 km
36Madhi18:0418:07Right Time289 km
37Mangrolia18:1618:17Right Time294 km
38Timbarva18:2318:24Right Time297 km
39Bardoli18:3218:35Right Time304 km
40Gangadhra18:4418:46Right Time310 km
41Bagumra18:5418:55Right Time315 km
42Chalthan19:0119:03Right Time319 km
43Udhna Jn19:2919:32Right Time331 km
44Surat19:45Right Time335 km