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59207 BVC OKHA PASS Running status

Departure21:40 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated24 Sep 2018 2:15
1Bhavnagar Terminus21:40Right TimeYet to start
2Bhavanagar Para21:4721:48Right Time3 km
3Vartej21:5922:00Right Time10 km
4Khodiyar Mandir22:0722:08Right Time15 km
5Sihor Gujarat22:1522:16Right Time20 km
6Songadh22:2522:26Right Time28 km
7Bajud22:3222:33Right Time34 km
8Sanosra22:3922:40Right Time38 km
9Dhola Jn22:5022:51Right Time49 km
10Ujalvav23:0023:01Right Time59 km
11Alampur23:0823:09Right Time66 km
12Ningala23:1623:17Right Time74 km
13Lathidad23:2423:25Right Time81 km
14Botad Jn23:3723:39Right Time92 km
15Kundli23:4923:50Right Time103 km
16Ranpur00:0000:01Right Time114 km
17Chuda00:1700:18Right Time130 km
18Limbdi00:2800:29Right Time140 km
19Wadhwan City00:4400:45Right Time160 km
20Joravarnagar00:5000:51Right Time164 km
21Surendranagar Gate00:5600:57Right Time167 km
22Surendranagar01:3001:40Right Time168 km
23Digsar01:5501:56Right Time182 km
24Muli Road02:0502:06Right Time190 km
25Ramparda02:1502:16Right Time199 km
26Vagdiya02:2802:29Right Time206 km
27Than Jn02:4202:43Right Time216 km
28Daladi03:0103:02Right Time230 km
29Wankaner Jn03:2504:45Right Time242 km
30Amarsar04:5304:54Right Time250 km
31Sindhawadar05:0705:08Right Time255 km
32Kanakot05:1705:18Right Time262 km
33Khorana05:2705:28Right Time270 km
34Rajkot Jn06:1307:10Right Time284 km
35Khanderi07:2207:23Right Time295 km
36Padadhari07:3507:36Right Time309 km
37Chanol07:5007:51Right Time316 km
38Hadmatiya Jn07:5908:00Right Time323 km
39Jaliya Devani08:0808:09Right Time328 km
40Jam Wanthali08:1908:20Right Time339 km
41Aliyawada08:3008:31Right Time350 km
42Hapa08:4408:53Right Time360 km
43Jamnagar09:0509:08Right Time369 km
44Lakhabawal09:1909:20Right Time380 km
45Pipli09:3009:31Right Time390 km
46Kanalus09:4709:48Right Time395 km
47Modpur10:0210:03Right Time406 km
48Sinhan10:1310:14Right Time415 km
49Khambhaliya10:2510:27Right Time423 km
50Bhatel10:4610:47Right Time441 km
51Meghpurtitodi10:5310:54Right Time446 km
52Bhopalka11:0511:06Right Time456 km
53Bhatiya11:1811:19Right Time466 km
54Okha Madhi11:3811:39Right Time486 km
55Gorinja11:4911:50Right Time497 km
56Dwarka12:0312:08Right Time507 km
57Varvala12:2012:21Right Time513 km
58Bhimrana12:2912:30Right Time524 km
59Mithapur12:3512:36Right Time526 km
60Okha13:05Right Time536 km