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59208 BHAVNAGAR PASS Running status

Departure14:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jul 2018 2:15
1Okha14:45Right TimeYet to start
2Mithapur14:5314:55Right Time10 km
3Bhimrana15:0115:03Right Time12 km
4Varvala15:2115:23Right Time23 km
5Dwarka15:2815:30Right Time29 km
6Gorinja15:4315:45Right Time39 km
7Okha Madhi15:5515:57Right Time51 km
8Bhatiya16:2516:27Right Time71 km
9Bhopalka16:4016:42Right Time81 km
10Meghpurtitodi16:4616:48Right Time90 km
11Bhatel16:5316:55Right Time95 km
12Khambhaliya17:1717:19Right Time113 km
13Sinhan17:2617:28Right Time121 km
14Modpur17:3717:39Right Time130 km
15Kanalus17:5017:52Right Time141 km
16Pipli17:5918:01Right Time146 km
17Lakhabawal18:1118:13Right Time156 km
18Jamnagar18:2618:31Right Time167 km
19Hapa18:4318:48Right Time176 km
20Aliyawada18:5819:00Right Time186 km
21Jam Wanthali19:1119:13Right Time198 km
22Jaliya Devani19:3219:33Right Time208 km
23Hadmatiya Jn19:5119:53Right Time213 km
24Chanol20:0120:03Right Time220 km
25Padadhari20:1120:13Right Time227 km
26Khanderi20:2620:28Right Time241 km
27Rajkot Jn20:5021:00Right Time252 km
28Khorana21:1521:17Right Time266 km
29Sindhawadar21:4421:46Right Time281 km
30Wankaner City21:5621:58Right Time292 km
31Wankaner Jn22:0822:34Right Time294 km
32Daladi22:4822:50Right Time306 km
33Than Jn23:0123:02Right Time321 km
34Vagdiya23:1323:15Right Time330 km
35Ramparda23:2623:28Right Time337 km
36Muli Road23:4223:44Right Time347 km
37Digsar00:0100:03Right Time355 km
38Surendranagar01:0501:35Right Time368 km
39Surendranagar Gate01:3901:40Right Time370 km
40Joravarnagar01:4501:46Right Time372 km
41Wadhwan City01:5201:53Right Time376 km
42Limbdi02:0802:09Right Time396 km
43Chuda02:1902:20Right Time406 km
44Ranpur02:3402:35Right Time422 km
45Kundli02:4502:46Right Time433 km
46Botad Jn02:5702:59Right Time444 km
47Lathidad03:0903:10Right Time456 km
48Ningala03:1703:18Right Time463 km
49Alampur03:2503:26Right Time470 km
50Ujalvav03:3403:35Right Time477 km
51Dhola Jn03:4604:08Right Time487 km
52Sanosra04:1604:17Right Time498 km
53Bajud04:2204:23Right Time503 km
54Songadh04:2904:30Right Time509 km
55Sihor Gujarat04:3904:40Right Time516 km
56Khodiyar Mandir04:4704:48Right Time521 km
57Vartej04:5404:55Right Time527 km
58Bhavanagar Para05:0505:06Right Time534 km
59Bhavnagar Terminus05:40Right Time536 km