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59319 UJN BPL PASS Running status

Departure17:05 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated22 Jan 2019 2:15
1Ujjain Jn17:05Right TimeYet to start
2Pingleswar17:1717:18Right Time9 km
3Tajpur17:2617:27Right Time15 km
4Shivpura17:3517:36Right Time25 km
5Tarana Road17:4417:45Right Time31 km
6Maksi17:5818:00Right Time41 km
7Pir Umrod18:0918:10Right Time48 km
8Berchha18:2018:22Right Time60 km
9Kisoni18:3118:32Right Time65 km
10Kali Sindh18:4018:41Right Time72 km
11Bolai18:4918:50Right Time78 km
12Akodia19:0119:02Right Time90 km
13Mohammadkhera19:1019:11Right Time97 km
14Shujalpur19:1919:21Right Time103 km
15Chakrod19:3019:31Right Time110 km
16Kalapipal19:3919:41Right Time116 km
17Jabri19:5119:52Right Time123 km
18Parbati20:0020:01Right Time131 km
19Baktal20:0920:10Right Time137 km
20Sehore20:1820:20Right Time145 km
21Pachawan20:5720:58Right Time150 km
22Phanda21:0621:07Right Time157 km
23Bakanian Bhaunri21:3821:39Right Time165 km
24S Hirdaramnagar21:4821:50Right Time173 km
25Bhopal Jn22:15Right Time183 km