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59341 NAD BINA PASS Running status

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Nagda Jn-NAD
EExpected11:35 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:18
Yet to start
1Nagda Jn11:35Right TimeYet to start
2Bhatisuda11:4011:41Right Time5 km
3Piploda Bagla11:5011:51Right Time10 km
4Unhel11:5912:00Right Time17 km
5Palsora Makrawan12:0912:10Right Time26 km
6Aslaoda12:1912:20Right Time35 km
7Naikheri12:3112:32Right Time43 km
8Ujjain Jn13:1013:40Right Time54 km
9Pingleswar13:5113:52Right Time63 km
10Tajpur14:0014:01Right Time70 km
11Shivpura14:0914:10Right Time80 km
12Tarana Road14:1814:19Right Time86 km
13Maksi14:5815:00Right Time95 km
14Chauhani15:1715:19Right Time111 km
15Shajapur15:3015:32Right Time123 km
16Sarangpur15:5816:00Right Time151 km
17Parhana Mau16:0916:11Right Time160 km
18Udyankheri16:1916:21Right Time169 km
19Pachora Road16:3016:32Right Time182 km
20Biyavra Rajgarh16:5516:57Right Time212 km
21Sinduria Kachari17:0617:08Right Time222 km
22Chachaura Binaganj17:2417:26Right Time242 km
23Kumbhraj17:4617:48Right Time265 km
24Raghogarh17:5317:55Right Time277 km
25Vijaypur18:0318:05Right Time283 km
26Ruthiyai18:2018:25Right Time289 km
27Mahugarha18:4118:43Right Time302 km
28Guna19:3519:45Right Time309 km
29Maban19:5019:52Right Time315 km
30Pagara19:5920:01Right Time323 km
31Pilighat20:0720:09Right Time329 km
32Shadhoragaon20:2020:22Right Time338 km
33Ratikheda20:3020:32Right Time346 km
34Ashok Nagar20:3920:41Right Time354 km
35Hinotia Pipalkhera20:5020:52Right Time362 km
36Orr20:5720:59Right Time366 km
37Rahatwas21:1221:14Right Time371 km
38Pipraigaon21:2121:23Right Time380 km
39Guneru Bamori21:3421:36Right Time391 km
40Mungaoli21:4421:46Right Time399 km
41Kanjiya21:5521:57Right Time407 km
42Semerkhedi22:0322:05Right Time415 km
43Mahadeokhedi22:1122:13Right Time420 km
44Bina Jn23:25Right Time428 km