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59385 PENCH VALLEY PASS Running status

Departure13:00 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated14 Jul 2018 2:15
1Indore Jn Bg13:00Right TimeYet to start
2Dewas13:5213:54Right Time42 km
3Ranyal Jasmiya14:1114:12Right Time63 km
4Maksi14:5214:53Right Time78 km
5Berchha15:1015:11Right Time97 km
6Kali Sindh15:2315:24Right Time109 km
7Akodia15:3915:40Right Time127 km
8Shujalpur15:5415:55Right Time140 km
9Kalapipal16:0816:09Right Time153 km
10Sehore16:3316:35Right Time182 km
11S Hirdaramnagar17:2817:30Right Time210 km
12Bhopal Jn17:5518:10Right Time220 km
13Habibganj18:2518:27Right Time226 km
14Misrod18:3618:37Right Time232 km
15Mandi Dip18:4618:48Right Time243 km
16Obaidulla Ganj19:0419:06Right Time256 km
17Barkhera19:1819:19Right Time268 km
18Budni19:4919:51Right Time287 km
19Hoshangabad20:0120:03Right Time294 km
20Powarkheda20:1320:15Right Time303 km
21Itarsi Jn20:4020:50Right Time312 km
22Kiratgarh21:1821:20Right Time323 km
23Taku21:3921:40Right Time334 km
24Saheli21:4421:45Right Time339 km
25Kala Akhar21:5421:55Right Time345 km
26Dhodra Mohar22:1422:15Right Time359 km
27Magardoh22:1922:20Right Time364 km
28Barbatpur22:3422:35Right Time370 km
29Ghoradongri22:4422:45Right Time382 km
30Maramjhiri23:1923:20Right Time410 km
31Betul23:3323:35Right Time419 km
32Malkapur Road23:4423:45Right Time425 km
33Barsali23:5423:55Right Time432 km
34Amla Jn00:3001:10Right Time441 km
35Lalavadi01:2401:25Right Time449 km
36Jambara01:3101:33Right Time455 km
37Barchhi Road01:4101:43Right Time461 km
38Bordhal01:5001:51Right Time469 km
39Barelipar02:0002:02Right Time478 km
40Nawagaon02:1302:14Right Time484 km
41Markadhana02:2402:26Right Time494 km
42Hirdagarh02:3102:32Right Time499 km
43Junnor Deo02:4602:47Right Time509 km
44Palachauri03:0003:01Right Time517 km
45Iklehra03:0903:10Right Time522 km
46Parasia03:1903:21Right Time528 km
47Khirsadoh Jn03:2503:26Right Time536 km
48Gangiwara03:4903:50Right Time544 km
49Chhindwara Jn04:3004:45Right Time557 km
50Sikkarpur H05:0205:04Right Time566 km
51Linga05:1005:12Right Time569 km
52Bisapur Kalan05:2405:26Right Time575 km
53Umra Nala05:3705:39Right Time581 km
54Bhandarkund06:10Right Time591 km