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59393 DHD HBJ FAST PAS Running status

Departure05:40 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated14 Jul 2018 2:15
1Dahod05:40Right TimeYet to start
2Bordi05:5205:53Right Time11 km
3Anas06:0006:01Right Time19 km
4Meghnagar06:1206:14Right Time33 km
5Thandla Road06:3306:34Right Time41 km
6Bajranggarh06:4206:43Right Time48 km
7Panch Piplia06:5106:52Right Time55 km
8Amargarh07:0307:04Right Time64 km
9Bamnia07:1007:11Right Time68 km
10Bhairongarh07:1907:20Right Time75 km
11Raoti07:3107:32Right Time86 km
12Bildi07:4007:41Right Time93 km
13Morwani07:5007:51Right Time103 km
14Ratlam Jn08:2508:35Right Time115 km
15Bangrod08:4608:47Right Time128 km
16Runkhera08:5508:56Right Time135 km
17Khachrod09:0609:08Right Time146 km
18Berawanya09:1609:17Right Time152 km
19Nagda Jn09:3509:40Right Time160 km
20Bhatisuda09:4509:46Right Time165 km
21Piploda Bagla09:5509:56Right Time170 km
22Unhel10:0410:05Right Time177 km
23Palsora Makrawan10:1410:15Right Time186 km
24Aslaoda10:2410:25Right Time195 km
25Naikheri10:3810:39Right Time203 km
26Ujjain Jn11:1011:20Right Time215 km
27Pingleswar11:3111:32Right Time224 km
28Tajpur11:4011:41Right Time230 km
29Shivpura11:4711:48Right Time240 km
30Tarana Road11:5511:56Right Time246 km
31Maksi12:0512:07Right Time256 km
32Pir Umrod12:2512:26Right Time263 km
33Berchha12:3612:38Right Time275 km
34Kisoni12:4612:47Right Time280 km
35Kali Sindh12:5312:55Right Time287 km
36Bolai13:0313:05Right Time293 km
37Akodia13:1713:18Right Time305 km
38Mohammadkhera13:2513:26Right Time311 km
39Shujalpur13:3413:36Right Time318 km
40Chakrod13:4513:46Right Time324 km
41Kalapipal13:5313:55Right Time330 km
42Jabri14:0514:06Right Time338 km
43Parbati14:1414:15Right Time345 km
44Baktal14:2314:24Right Time351 km
45Sehore14:3214:34Right Time359 km
46Pachawan14:4214:44Right Time365 km
47Phanda14:5114:53Right Time372 km
48Bakanian Bhaunri15:0215:03Right Time380 km
49S Hirdaramnagar15:2815:30Right Time388 km
50Bhopal Jn15:50Right Time398 km